Amber Borzotra Exits The Challenge World Championship Early After Learning She's Pregnant

The Challenge: World Championship saw the early exit of Amber Borzotra in the April 19 episode of the Paramount+ spinoff. But the former champ surprised viewers when she revealed her pregnancy.

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Amber Borzotra may not have won The Challenge: World Championship, but she received a far greater gift in the April 19 episode of  the Paramount+ spinoff: She learned she was going to become a mother.

While Amber had already shared the news that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Chauncey Palmer during The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion, the former Big Brother contestant did not know she was pregnant when she flew to South Africa. And when a flu-like illness was spreading through the house, Amber initially believed she was sick. So sick, in fact, that she shocked her cast members when she decided to quit so that Kaycee Clark—whose partner Ben Driebergen was medically disqualified after falling severely ill—could remain in the game and compete with Amber's teammate Troy Cullen.

"I've been so unwell and I've been really fighting and giving my all for my partner," an emotional Amber told host T.J. Lavin. "But I want to give him the best chance so I would love to switch places with Kaycee if you would let that happen?" While he notoriously hates quitters, T.J. respected Amber's decision and allowed The Challenge: Double Agents winner to self-eliminate. However, Amber wasn't done surprising her partner—and viewers—just yet.

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In a sitdown interview with Troy, Amber delivered the happy news that she was expecting a baby, showing him two positive pregnancy tests. 

"I'm so happy that I listened to my body and I have some news," she told him privately in a confessional. "I'm pregnant!" An excited Troy responded, "That's the best news ever!"


After the episode dropped, Amber took to social media to sound off on her shortened stint on the show. 

I may not have won the prize money," she wrote on Instagram, "but in the end I can finally say I've truly made some beautiful friendships this season so I'm definitely not walking away empty handed and that's a win in itself." She went on to commend Troy as her partner, saying he had "been respectful, caring, and made me feel like anything is possible." She added, "I appreciate him supporting me even on my worst days and believing in us as a team so thank you for being the gem that you are."

Amber then gave a shout-out to her female co-stars, calling them "beautiful ladies that made me feel loved, seen and welcomed. You have no idea how much your kindness meant to me."

While Amber may not have been able to add a second win to her Challenge resume just yet, fans should expect to see her back in action after she gives birth. 

"I'm about to pop this baby out and I'm going to be back on the show," she told E! News. "So, yes, this is not the last of me."

Before she signs on for another season though, Amber, who shared that she was diagnosed with autism during the Ride or Dies reunion, is planning to enjoy her and Chauncey's new lives as parents. 

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"I didn't come from a lot," the 35-year-old explained. "I feel like now I get to give my child things I never got to have. Or I can do things with my baby that I never got to do. Because I grew up in Tennessee, small little farm, barefoot running around every day. The only time I could come in the house is when my mama whistled for dinner."

After being given the opportunity to travel the world because of her reality TV career and "seeing that there's such a beautiful world out there and things that I never knew till my 20s, I want my child to experience the things that I never got to experience," she added. "Coming from not much and knowing I can give my child that means the world to me."

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