Swarm’s Dominique Fishback Reveals What It Was Like Working With the “So Intelligent” Malia Obama

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Swarm star Dominique Fishback revealed what it was like collaborating with writer Malia Obama and co-star Billie Eilish.

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Watch: Swarm's Dominique Fishback Talks Collaborating With Malia Obama

Dominique Fishback is happy to share the buzz.

In Prime Video's Swarm, the actress plays Dre, a Houston woman obsessed with a world famous pop star who is not-so-subtlety based on Beyoncé and her passionate BeyHive fanbase. Dre's idolatry begins to consume her life, becoming violent, dangerous and, ultimately, deadly. Very, very deadly.

As it turns out, the details of Dre's shocking journey are thanks in large part to Malia Obama, as the former First Daughter worked in the Swarm writers' room and is credited as a co-writer on episode five.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Fishback said that Obama "came to set two or three times," including during a pivotal moment early in Dre's story.

"When we did the mall scene in the first episode, she was there for a while," the Judas and the Black Messiah actress said. "We got to talk. We plan on meeting up and chatting and continuing to build our relationship."

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The 32-year-old hopes their relationship can continue to flourish creatively, as well.

"I think she's so intelligent," Fishback gushed. "She's so cool. I just want to know what she wants to do next. Maybe we can do something together."

As for Obama's next step, we actually already have an answer as Swarm co-creator Donald Glover recently revealed that he is producing a short film that will mark her directorial debut

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As for Swarm, Obama wasn't the only mega-famous collaborator along for the ride. Billie Eilish, in her first acting role ever, plays a cult leader name Eva in the series' fourth episode and shares a number of intense scenes with Fishback.

"I was excited that Billie was interested in doing something like this," Fishback said of the experience. "When she came to set, she was so open. She really cared about the art of it. She didn't come in with any kind of air. She was ready to learn and so much fun and so gracious."

In fact, things went so well with the Grammy winner that Fishback shared, "I got a life-long friend out of it."

All seven episodes of Swarm are available to stream on Prime Video.

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