Blake Lively Hires Expert From Gwyneth Paltrow's Utah Ski Trial for New Betty Buzz Ad

Blake Lively used Dr. Irving Scher, the biomechanical engineering expert from Gwyneth Paltrow's ski trial to promote her drink mixer company Betty Buzz. Scroll down for the cheeky clip.

By Alexandra Bellusci Apr 11, 2023 5:47 PMTags
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The verdict is in...and this Betty Buzz commercial is a 10/10.

Blake Lively took a scientific route in her sparkling beverage company's latest ad by enlisting Dr. Irving Scher, the biomechanical engineering expert from Gwyneth Paltrow's Utah ski crash trial. The 40 second clip opens up with a voice over asking, "Is it true that Betty Buzz is the most bubbly sparkling beverage in the world? To find out we asked an expert witness."

Dr. Scher then appear in front of a white board with three stick figures who are all drinking a different Betty Buzz beverage.

"See, when you look at a person drinking Betty Buzz meyer lemon sodas, they have a smile on their face," he said as he draws an arrow towards the stick figure's smile. "And they think, 'Wow so bubbly.'"

Dr. Scher continues to highlight that the sparkling drinks are top notch through his drawings.

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"Another person drinks sparkling grapefruit buzz and says out loud, 'Mmm! Betty Buzz tastes great,'" Dr. Scher continued "And of course in both cases, the Betty buzz goes down into their stomachs here, which is consistent with the laws of physics and Newton's laws."

The video cuts out to show a judge's gavel and a glass of Betty Buzz while the voice over hilariously says, "Case closed! Betty Buzz is probably scientifically the best sparkling beverage in the world." 

The doctor chimes in adding: "I didn't necessarily say that," to which the voice responds, "You did and you also said case closed. Thank you Dr. Scher!"

The ad comes a month after Dr. Scher made waves at Gwyneth's ski trial, when he illustrated the crash between the Goop Founder and and Terry Sanderson, also with stick figures. And at the time, told the jury that "Paltrow's version is consistent with the laws of physics."

And although lawyers for the retired optometrist's objected the use of Dr. Scher's animation, Judge Kent Holmberg allowed it. Ultimately, on March 30, the jury found Gwyneth not at fault and granted her the requested $1 in damages.  

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