Pedro Pascal's BFF Sarah Paulson Hilariously Reacts to His "Daddy" Title

Sarah Paulson has shared her thoughts on the internet referring to her BFF Pedro Pascal as a "daddy." See what the American Horror Story actress had to say.

By Kisha Forde Apr 11, 2023 5:15 PMTags
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For Sarah Paulson, Pedro Pascal is automatically less of a daddy since he's more like a brother.
As far as the Ratched actress is concerned, the title that the internet at large has since bestowed on her longtime BFF doesn't quite ring true for her.
"Knowing Pedro as intimately as I do, I would not want him to be my daddy, personally," she joked to Esquire in an article published April 11. "I want him to be my pal that I can hang out with until all hours of the night, but Daddy?"
Which makes sense as Sarah and Pedro are in fact pals who have hung out all hours of the night, especially during their younger years as students in the early ‘90s.
"We would go to see movies all the time in those years, and we would get so lost in them," the American Horror Story actress told the publication. "You can fill in the blanks about the why of that however you like, but I think there were things we wanted to escape mentally, emotionally, spiritually."

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As for what she thinks about the fandom surrounding the Last of Us star now?

"It's just so psychotic," she noted. "Everybody wants a piece of him. You just want him to succeed. And that to me, I feel like, is the sign of a major movie star."

And it's worth noting that Pedro, of course, has also taken notice of his "daddy" status. In fact, while hosting Saturday Night Live in February, he poked fun at the phenomenon during a sketch, in which he played a teacher talking to high school students who won't stop making fancams of him.

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And ironically enough, Sarah made a surprise appearance in the comedic skit as "Mommy."
"Fine, it's true, he's Daddy, I'm Mommy," Sarah joked during the Feb. 4 episode. "And we're all a happy family."

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