17 Delicate Jewelry Essentials From Sterling Forever, Oradina, Joey Baby & More

Layered necklaces, chain bracelets, and heart-shaped rings: These are a few of our favorite things (when it comes to delicate jewelry).

By Sophy Ziss Apr 13, 2023 6:39 PMTags
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Some trends are new and exciting. "Pearlcore," for example. Some, like chunky chain links, go in and out. Then some, like delicate jewelry, are eternal; fashion-forward mainstays that designers continually find ways to restyle and innovate.

That's why, season after season, there's a new twist on delicate jewelry to love. It instantly enhances any ensemble! You can add particular pieces to dress up or casual down (that's an expression, right?) any outfit, at any time. 

As a shopping editor, it is my sworn duty to keep everyone up to date on all things en vogue. As such, I've pulled together this diverse list of delicate items you'll absolutely want in your permanent rotation.

There's pre-layered. There's stackable. There's mix-and-match minimalism. There's silver-toned, real gold, elegant, sophisticated, boho-chic...What I'm saying is, whatever your style preference, you'll find something in this list of delicate jewelry to love. Perhaps even a few things.

So, sit back, scroll on, and in the words of a movie I know I don't need to mention by name: Frost yourselves. Just, you know, sans diamonds. (For now, anyway. Though there is a fashion-forward twist on a tennis bracelet tucked into this list!)

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Hey Harper Cancer Zodiac Necklace

Subtle yet chic, this understated necklace shows off your Zodiac sign with style.

Sterling Forever Moon, Star & Tarot Card Layered Necklace

If you like your celestial-themed jewelry a touch more obvious, this pre-layered necklace is the one.

Camille Jewelry Delicate Heart Ring

Is anything cuter or more dainty than a minimalist heart ring? Rhetorical question, obvs.

Nunchi Cora Sparkle Chain Necklace

Nunchi's Cora chain is so much more than your average strand: It's diamond-cut and polished to a high shine, giving the hand-assembled necklace an extra gleam.

Oradina Turin Pendant Choker

Chokers? Sexy. Pendant necklaces? An essential. A pendant choker necklace? Oh, yes.

Joey Baby Mollie Necklace

Okay, so, this double-layered necklace might not be as delicate as everything else on this list. But with streamlined chain links and sophisticated freshwater pearls, it still makes just the right amount of statement.

Naiia Milo Necklace

"However big or small the occasion," states the brand, this necklace "fits right in." Plus, it's "handcrafted in 14K solid gold with "moonstone and a double row of delicate pave diamonds." Naiia recommends wearing it without a companion piece to truly "let it shine."

Katie Dean Jewelry Minimal Stack

Anytime I see someone who can pull off the casual-meets-cool stacking rings look, I'm always instantly impressed. This mix-and-match set from Katie Dean Jewelry means you can be that person for someone else! (Seriously, they're-great looking.)

Oradina Galileo Anklet

Per Oradina, this 14K yellow gold anklet is inspired by the work of Venetian astronomer Galileo. Per me, I'm very happy that this '90s-'00s throwback trend is back and cuter than ever. In an appropriately modern way, of course. 

Camille Jewelry Classic Flex Tennis Bracelet

I told you a tennis bracelet would be on the list, didn't I? What I may have neglected to mention is that this perfectly twinkly one has the effect of a shimmering diamond strand, but at a much more reasonable price point.

Deux Lions Jewelry Wild Stack Cuban Bracelets

This finely wrought duo is inspired by traditional Cuban designs.

Katie Dean Jewelry Herringbone Chain Necklace

Katie Dean is essentially synonymous with sophisticated and simple pieces. Her Herringbone chain, though understated, adds an extra oomph to literally everything in your wardrobe.

Hey Harper Lisa Bracelet

Delicate yet textured, Hey Harper's Lisa bracelet can be worn alone or styled with similar pieces for maximum effect.

Joey Baby Elaine Necklace

Crafted from 18K gold-plated metal, the Elaine necklace puts an elevated spin on a classic "paperclip" chain.

Naiia Jaxon Bracelet

Naiia's Jaxon bracelet, dotted with star-shaped charms, adds a whimsical flourish to everyday ensembles.

Katie Dean Jewelry Beaded Choker

This lightweight beaded choker is as versatile as it is on-trend.

Sterling Forever 14K Italian Gold Rolo Chain Bracelet

Whoever said delicate had to mean inexpensive? Show off your taste with this heirloom-worthy showstopper and turn heads at every...well, turn.

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