Love Is Blind's Micah Gives an Update on Her Friendship With Irina

After their relationship became a lightning rod of controversy during Love Is Blind season four, Micah exclusively told E! News where things stand now with cast mate Irina.

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Watch: Love Is Blind's Micah Gives an Update on Her Friendship With Irina

One of Love Is Blind's most controversial duos is sticking together—but it hasn't been easy.

After season four cast mates Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova irked many viewers with their behavior on the reality dating series, both women issued separate apologies for their actions.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Micah revealed that her journey with the 26-year-old business owner has been rocky, especially after she attempted to flirt with Micah's fiancé Paul Peden behind her back.

"After everything that happened with Paul, I was unsure if we would continue to be friends," Micah exclusively told E! News' Erin Lim Rhodes. "In the moment, everything is so heightened. I felt so betrayed by my friend. So, I took a step back."

Eventually, though, Micah was able to forgive and move on.

"Irina has always tried to be a good friend to me besides those moments," the 27-year-old explained. "She does have a big heart that's not being seen. What the future has in store for our friendship? I don't know. But it is hard seeing her go through this, too."

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As for Irina's actions with Paul—during which she flirted with the 29-year-old environmental scientist at a pool party and later admitted on camera that she had a crush on him—Micah revealed that she was prepared to see it play out when the episode dropped.

"She confessed that to me," Micah said. "The morning we were going to leave Mexico, she told me that she had talked on camera about having feelings for Paul. I don't know if it was to warn me or to apologize or to share that she was interested. I'm not sure. It all happened really fast. But I think it was an attempt to be honest."


Ultimately, Micah acknowledged that watching herself on the show has made her realize some hard truths.

"I just need to be careful who I surround myself with," an emotional Micah admitted. "I can fall into a trap of not being a great person. Unfortunately, I think that says a lot about me more than other people. It's something I need to work on."

The first 11 episodes of Love Is Blind season four are available to stream now on Netflix, with the season finale dropping April 14. 

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