Find Out if Sex/Life Is Getting a 3rd Season

After two seasons, Netflix has made a decision about the future of Sex/Life. Find out if the steamy series will return for a third.

By Daniel Trainor Apr 07, 2023 8:51 PMTags
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Sex/Life has gone dormant.

Just a month after the premiere of season two, Netflix has canceled the scandalous drama, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The cancelation comes just days after Sex/Life star Sarah Shahi alleged that she had a negative experience while filming the show's second season.

"I'm not going to put it down, but I definitely did not have the support that I did the first season from the people involved in the show," the actress shared April 5 on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. "It became a much different thing for me, and I'm not afraid to say that."

In addition to the treatment she said she received, Sarah wasn't really a fan of the material, either.

"In season two, I felt like there were more moments that felt very gimmicky," the actress continued. "Those kinds of things for me are always really hard to read. There were other things that I just felt I couldn't get behind, and it was just challenging."

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Ultimately, Sarah acknowledged that her comments might cause a stir—and issued a foreboding warning.

"I'm never gonna work for Netflix again now after saying all this, but I can't lie," Sarah said. "It was definitely a challenge."

E! News reached out to Netflix for comment about Sarah's comments and has not heard back.

The cancelation likely comes as a surprise to series showrunner Stacy Rukeyser, who recently said the season two finale was never meant to tie a ribbon on things.


"The episode was never intended to be a series finale, that's for sure," Rukeyser told The Hollywood Reporter March 8. "I know there are always more stories to tell with these characters in the Sex/Life universe, and I hope we get the chance to tell those stories. It was important that we get to a meaningful place with each character this season."

The first two seasons of Sex/Life are available to stream on Netflix.

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