Sophia Culpo Moves Out of Home She Shared With Ex Braxton Berrios After Breakup

Sophia Culpo is moving on after breaking up with NFL player Braxton Berrios in March. See the big step she took after her romantic relationship came to an end.

By Mike Vulpo Apr 04, 2023 6:30 PMTags
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Sophia Culpo is moving on and moving out.

Less than two weeks after confirming her breakup from NFL player Braxton Berrios, The Culpo Sisters star took a big step in her healing journey by saying goodbye to the New Jersey house she once shared with her ex. 

"It is officially moving day," Sophia said on Instagram Stories April 3. "I woke up this morning and my morning mantra was literally so accurate and appropriate just for the day. Moving on and moving forward is always for the better because it always brings the most growth no matter what."

And instead of looking at any negatives, the 26-year-old said she's trying to look at the positives.

"Obviously, the end of anything in your life is a challenge and a new chapter, but it's a new thing," she said. "Be grateful for the growth. It will always bring you closer to your authentic self. And with that, you attract what's truly meant for you."

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With help from Roadway Moving, Sophia had all her clothes and belongings packed up in three hours. And before she knew it, Sophia was on a plane back to Los Angeles where her immediate family including sister Aurora and Olivia Culpo reside.  


"Grateful for the last two years," she wrote in a separate post. "The lessons learned, the love shared, the strength gained and all your support along the way."

For more than two years, Sophia supported Braxton as he played for the New York Jets before being traded to the Miami Dolphins in March.

But as Sophia's career began to flourish, the reality star expressed how grateful she was to have the backing of her NFL boyfriend.


"He's been a major source of support for me because he's truly like my best friend and I can tell him anything," Sophia told E! News in November 2021. "Finding a relationship and finding somebody who you can really trust and confide in has helped me a lot on my own journey and being more confident in myself." 

As for what went wrong? The exes aren't ready to kiss and tell. At the same time, fans can't help but wonder if Sophia's breakup will play out in an upcoming season of The Culpo Sisters.

While the future of the series remains unclear, Sophia's sister recently hinted that there's plenty of material to capture with her family. 

"I feel like I can't say too much because it all involves my sisters and if I speak on their behalf, they'll hate me," Olivia told E! News March 20. "But they hold all the cards right now. With my two sisters, there's so much drama."

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