Blac Chyna Shares Her Kids King and Dream's Reactions to Her Breast and Butt Reduction Surgeries

Blac Chyna shared the one-word reaction her daughter Dream, who she shares with ex Rob Kardashian, and her son King, who she shares with ex Tyga, gave her after she got breast and butt reductions.

By Kelly Gilmore Apr 01, 2023 10:24 PMTags
Watch: Blac Chyna Reveals How Her Kids REACTED to Her Recent Surgeries

Blac Chyna's little ones weren't too shook up by her recent transformation.

The model, who recently underwent a breast reduction surgery and had silicone injections removed from her buttocks, shared how her kids King Cairo, 10, who she shares with ex Tyga, and Dream Kardashian, 6, who she shares with ex Rob Kardashian, reacted to her recent physical changes.

"When I came back from my surgery, they're like, ‘So, why you laying like that?'" Blac Chyna recalled during a March 31 interview on Sway In The Morning. I'm like, ‘Mommy just had surgery.' They're like, ‘So, what did you get?' I'm like, ‘I got my boobies and my butt smaller.'"

As for how they reacted? Blac Chyna imitated them by shrugging her shoulder and simply saying, "OK."

While Dream and King didn't seem to be too fazed by her breast and buttocks reductions, Dream was quite taken aback by the fact her mom got rid of her long manicure. 

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"When Dream saw my nails, she was like, ‘Your nails!'" Blac Chyna said. "Because she looks up to me and every time she's like, ‘I can't wait ‘til I get older so I can get long nails, Mommy.' So, now when she sees my nails, she's like, ‘Ooh, you have short nails. I like your nails.' It's more relatable to her and showing her that you don't have to have long nails."

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Blac Chyna noted that her kids are paying attention to many of her choices in general.

"I feel like anything that I do, they're like real sponges now and they're gonna be on to me," she said. "It ain't no spelling out the curse words. They know how to spell quite well. And they catch on to everything."

Last month, Blac Chyna candidly shared footage of her physical transformation journey—something she underwent as she is "changing my life and changing my ways."

Not only did Blac Chyna post videos about getting her breasts redone, her facial fillers dissolved, and silicone injections previously placed in her buttocks removed, but she also issued a warning for viewers.

"Do not get silicone shots," she said in a video shared to Instagram March 13. "I haven't had any crazy complications since I got it, I got it when I was 19 years old. But now I'm moving here in life, so I want this s--t out of my ass so I can grow."

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