Brooklyn Peltz Beckham Explains Controversial Choice to Cook With a Wine Cork

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham responded to critics questioning why he incorporated a wine cork into his recent meal. Keep reading for his delicious comeback.

By Mike Vulpo Mar 30, 2023 8:25 PMTags
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If you can't handle this cooking hack, stay out of Brooklyn Peltz Beckham's kitchen.

Earlier this week, the 24-year-old got followers talking after they spotted a wine cork in his pot. After receiving dozens of comments, he explained the unconventional cooking technique. "More research ensued," he wrote on Instagram Stories, "and we found information that the addition of wine corks added to the cooking liquid ensured a more tender dish." 

Sure enough, it wasn't enough for some critics.

During an Instagram Stories Q&A, Brooklyn was asked if he was a chef. "NOPE," he responded, "but food is my passion." As for his favorite wine, the model shared a photo of two Petrus Pomerol bottles. 

While his love for cooking began during quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, Brooklyn said that a lot of his curiosity about food came from his dad David Beckham.

"He likes to cook anything—risotto, pasta, loves steak," Brooklyn, who wed Nicola Peltz Beckham in April 2022, shared on the Today show in October 2021. "He is [proud]."

Stars' Favorite Foods and Drinks

One of his favorite meals is a morning staple he first discovered from his great-grandma.


"I cherish it because it reminds me of my childhood," Brooklyn told the morning show. "It's a traditional English breakfast sandwich and I love making my American friends try this English staple."

While his family certainly had an influence on his cooking journey, Brooklyn learned more skills on his own. 

"Ever since the start of quarantine, I've done it every single day, and it's the one thing I've found that takes my mind off of anything I'm thinking about," he told Variety in August. "I would love to have my own pub. I would love to have my own sauces, knives, pots and pans."

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