Michael Jackson

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Well, maybe Michael Jackson will be laid to rest before we find out what killed him.

At this point in time, the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has "no idea" when the final autopsy report is going to be released, according to Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter.

The coroner's office was once aiming for Friday to announce the cause of death. Then the middle of next week was deemed more likely.

But now, following a meeting between officials from the coroner's office, the L.A. District Attorney's Office and the L.A. Police Department, no one is making any guesses as to when they'll announce their findings to the public, as authorities continue trying to connect the dots with regard to the King of Pop's death.

The multiple law-enforcement agencies on the case are on the same page, a source told the L.A. Times Thursday. Instead, it's the sheer scope of the investigation—and all the characters involved—that's holding up the proceedings.

The search warrants served on Dr. Conrad Murray's Las Vegas home and offices this week instructed officers to look for any record of communication between the cardiologist who had been serving as Jackson's personal physician and a number of the other doctors authorities have been collecting evidence from—including dermatologist Arnold Klein, rheumatologist Allan Metzger, anesthesiologist Randy Rosen and nurse Cherilyn Lee.

Murray, whom authorities believe injected Jackson with the dose of propofol that ultimately killed him, has become the subject of a manslaughter investigation.


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