The Bachelor's Zach Shallcross Admits Finale Drama With Gabi Elnicki Was "Really Painful"

Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar discussed their relationship and where they stand with Gabi Elnicki after that dramatic season finale of The Bachelor.

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Will you accept this olive branch?

Zach Shallcross had the difficult decision of choosing between Kaity Biggar and Gabi Elnicki in the season finale of The Bachelor on March 27. While his proposal to Kaity and breakup with Gabi took place six months ago in Thailand, Zach is finally reflecting on the hurt he caused both women in real time.

"It's very tough seeing Gabi very emotional and in pain," he told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview out March 29. "My actions of that overnights week caused a lot of pain for all the women involved, and that was the last thing I ever intended and wanted. And seeing her upset with how everything played, rewatching it, I completely understand."

Zach infamously broke his no-sex rule with Gabi during the season 27 Fantasy Suites week and subsequently shared that news with host Jesse Palmer—and the entire nation. While he didn't offer many condolences during After the Final Rose, Zach is now taking accountability.

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"What I did was wrong," he admitted. "Seeing that pain, I just wanted her to know that I am sorry for my actions and that that was the last thing I ever intended. I have so much respect for her, and I know I didn't do things right."

However, Zach is also well aware that finale night is not the last he'll see of Gabi.

"She is one of Kaity's best friends and someone that's going to be in our lives," he revealed. "I wish her the best, but it was really, really painful."

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For her part, Kaity explained how she's been able to stay so upbeat despite being in the middle of Zach and Gabi's emotional breakup.

"I'm a very positive person, and I try to take a step back and look at the bigger picture," she shared. "I'm also a very understanding person, and it hasn't been easy. It was really tough to watch back, but Zach's been there for me, and that's all I could ask for."

But does the couple think Gabi should've been the next Bachelorette instead of—or in addition to—4th place finisher Charity Lawson?

"I honestly think there are so many great women that could have been the Bachelorette, and everybody's so different," Zach said. "Their personalities are different. They offer different things. To solely point out Gabi—there's so many great options, but I do think Gabi would have been a fantastic Bachelorette."

That said, as Kaity added, "Zach and I are super excited to watch [Charity's] season."

Follow along as Charity finds her happy ending when The Bachelorette returns this June on ABC.

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