Jay Leno Reveals He Has a "Brand-New Ear" After Car Fire

After suffering burns in a gasoline fire in November, Jay Leno was involved in a motorcycle accident in January. See what the comedian had to say about the aftermath of the incidents.

By Elyse Dupre Mar 30, 2023 12:34 PMTags
Watch: Jay Leno Reveals He Has a Brand-New Ear After Car Fire

It hasn't been the easiest time for Jay Leno.

The comedian recently reflected on the two accidents he had over the course of two months. 

"This [is] an all-new face," he told Dana Carvey and David Spade on the March 29 episode of their podcast Fly on the Wall. "I did it in eight days. I missed two shows."

The most recent accident was in January when Leno got knocked off his motorcycle. "I got a broken collarbone, I got two busted ribs, and I got two cracked kneecaps," he recalled, "'cause I got clotheslined on my motorcycle."

The Tonight Show alum then detailed what happened.

"You're a 72-year-old guy and an 83-year-old motorcycle. What could go wrong?" he joked. "I said, 'Uh oh. It's dripping gas. I don't want to catch fire. Lemme turn around.' I turn around in a parking lot and the guy had a wire across a parking lot but with no flag. And the sun was right here. And boom it just hit me."

When Comedians Get Serious

Leno said he then had to call the doctor who helped him after his first accident.

"It cut my face again," he explained. "So I called my face guy. I go, 'Listen, you know that face, you gave me that new face? I gotta get it fixed.' [He goes], 'What'd you do?' I told him, I drove up there and he fixed it again."

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Back in November, the former late-night star suffered burns in a gasoline fire while working on a car in his Los Angeles garage. As he'd previously recalled to Today's Hoda Kotb, his friend Dave Killackey helped smother the fire and called 9-1-1. The next day, Leno went to the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, where he was treated for burns on his face, chest and hands. 

"This is a brand-new ear," he told Carvey and Spade. "When you get burned in a fire, ears are like paper. They're so thin it just goes up."

The Jay Leno's Garage host previously described the treatment to his ear and face during his interview with Kotb. And in true Leno fashion, he maintained a sense of humor when asked if he had been worried about what he might look like after the gasoline fire.

"When you look like me, you don't really worry about what you look like," he replied at the time. "Look, if I'm George Clooney, that's gonna be a huge problem. They said it would be all right. My attitude is I trust people who are the best and do what they do."

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