RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin Reveals If She's Ever Considered Divorce Amid Marriage Problems

Jennifer Aydin has been brutally honest about marriage struggles on Real Housewives of New Jersey, but has she ever thought about breaking up with Bill Aydin? Here's her stance on divorce.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jennifer Aydin has never shied away from showing the struggles in her marriage to Bill Aydin.

But for any viewers who think the Bravo stars are headed for divorce, the mother of four says the possibility of a breakup has never even crossed her mind.

"Never, not even once," the 45-year-old exclusively told E! News. "If I didn't break up with him after him having an affair, I'm definitely not going to break up with him after a little a few hiccups over the children. Parents fight over children, children cause stress to a marriage, but you make it work."

After it was revealed last season that Bill had an affair a decade ago, season 13 has followed the couple as they sought therapy to work on their ongoing marriage issues. But Jennifer assures fans their problems aren't as serious as they might look on TV.

"Sure, there's going to be times where he annoys the s--t out of me or when I annoy the s--t out of him," she explained. "That's marriage, for better or worse, till death do us part. I look at him and I'm like, 'You're stuck with me.'"

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RHONJ's March 21 episode featured a particularly tense therapy session between the longtime couple in which Bill mostly stayed silent during the appointment. And yes, Jennifer has seen fans' reactions to Bill's stoic behavior.

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"I've been reading the comments like 'he's so disinterested in her' or 'you could tell he's annoyed by her,'" she said. "My husband doesn't really know how to act when the cameras are around. He is a medical doctor, he's not a reality TV star. He shows up for me and he takes all of this for me."

Jennifer added her partner sometimes gets "stage fright" while filming.

"He's always worried and he wants to make sure he says the right thing," she continued. "He gets little nervous. Me, I just throw whatever comes out naturally. Watching it back sometimes I'm like, 'Maybe I should have taken it down a notch.'"

As for where their marriage stands today? "Things have not been better," the Bravo star gushed. "It has been amazing. There's like an extra skip in our step and it's great."

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