Danielle Brooks Shares Teary Reaction to Orange Is the New Black's 10th Anniversary

Danielle Brooks told E! News all about the final day of taping Orange Is the New Black ahead of its 10th anniversary at the New York Women in Film and Television 43rd Annual Muse Awards.

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Remember all their faces, remember all their voices.

That's what Danielle Brooks is doing ahead of Orange Is the New Black's 10th anniversary this July.

"That makes me teary," the actress exclusively told E! News of the milestone at the New York Women in Film and Television's 43rd Annual Muse Awards on March 28. "One of the most vivid memories was our last day. I actually wrote a song for my cast and I got to present it to the cast and the crew and it was called 'Seasons' and I was able to incorporate a lot of the names of the characters in the show and tell the story. Getting to share that with them meant a lot to me."

And despite ending in 2019 after seven seasons, the cast hasn't gone their separate ways offscreen as Danielle revealed she still sees many of her former co-stars. But as for the one she hopes to run into soon?

Orange Is the New Black Final Season Premiere

"I hang out with a lot of them," the Peacemaker actress confirmed. "But it would be really good to see Samira [Wiley], and she's a mom now."

A proud mom herself, Danielle—who received the event's Made in New York Award—also revealed which of her roles is her 2-year-old daughter Freeya's favorite.

JoJo Whilden/Netflix

"She has not seen me perform live, but she has seen me in cartoons," the Broadway star shared. "I play the mom in Karma's World, so she's always like, 'Mommy! Mommy!' and she'll point to the TV, then point to me."

Danielle continued, "I think that's really the coolest thing ever, especially the conversations they're having on the show about embracing your hair or your skin, I just really like that I can have those natural conversations and she hears it through my voice."

You can hear Danielle Brooks in Karma's World, streaming on Netflix.

—Reporting by Jewels Tauzin

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