Kerry Washington Unveils Memoir Cover and Shares How She Got in Touch With Her "True Self"

Kerry Washington, whose memoir Thicker Than Water will be released on Sept. 26, exclusively shared with E! News why she chose water imagery for the book's cover.

By Gabrielle Chung Mar 29, 2023 12:40 PMTags
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Kerry Washington's life story is being handled.

The Scandal alum will be releasing her first memoir, titled Thicker Than Water, on Sept. 26. She unveiled the final cover to E! News on March 29, with the painted oil on linen portrait showing Washington submerged underwater as her reflection shines across the liquid surface. 

Given the personal nature of the project, it was vital that the book had a cover to match. That's why artist Reisha Perlmutter, known for her intimate portraits of women in water, was enlisted for the job, according to Washington.

"As I was writing the book, stories about water kept presenting themselves and I realized how fundamental water and swimming have been in my life," she exclusively told E! News. "Often when I am in water, I feel more connected to myself and my truth, so as I thought about creating a cover for this book, I felt that an image of myself underwater might help convey how much of my true self I am offering to readers."

Kerry Washington's Best Looks

Recalling how it was "such a joy" to pose for Perlmutter's reference images, the actress added, "This was, by far, the most fun I have ever had on a photo shoot because I was in one of my favorite places in the world, doing one of the things I love to do most: swim and play in the water!"

Little Brown

And Washington, indeed, will be baring herself in her memoir. As the publisher noted, the book will give readers "an intimate view into both her public and private worlds—as an artist, an advocate, an entrepreneur, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a Black woman."


A description of the memoir continued, "Chronicling her upbringing and life's journey thus far, she reveals how she faced a series of challenges and setbacks, effectively hid childhood traumas, met extraordinary mentors, managed to grow her career and crossed the threshold into stardom and political advocacy, ultimately discovering her truest self and with it a deeper sense of belonging." 

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