Blac Chyna Shares Update on Co-Parenting Relationships With Rob Kardashian and Tyga

Blac Chyna—who shares son King Cairo, 10, with ex Tyga and daughter Dream, 6, with ex Rob Kardashian—is sharing an update on where she stands with them in the co-parenting realm.

By Kisha Forde Mar 28, 2023 2:31 PMTags
Watch: Blac Chyna Shares Update on Co-Parenting With Tyga & Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna is determined to keep the peace.

The reality star, who shares son King, 10, with ex Tyga and daughter Dream, 6, with ex Rob Kardashian, recently shared an update on their existing co-parenting relationships.

Though both Rob and Tyga (born Micheal Stevenson) refuted Chyna's claim last year that she received "no support" from either, she explained that their bumps in the road have since smoothed over.

"With Robert and Micheal, it's never been like no bad blood or anything negative," she told the Daily Mail in an interview published March 26. "It was just two different people in two different paths. And one day, those paths collided and that's how we got the babies."

As Chyna put it, "But moving forward in 2023, it's all positive vibes with co-parenting. Everything's calm, there'll be no more situations."

This new outlook comes nearly a year after Chyna's $140 million defamation case against Rob's family members including Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner, reached a conclusion with a jury awarding no damages.

Blac Chyna's Pregnancy Looks

Aside from mending fences, the mom of two also shared why her followers don't get glimpses of her kids on social media, noting that her decision to largely keep them offline has been met with inaccurate assumptions.

"I don't post them a lot," the 34-year-old said. "I do see comments saying, ‘Oh, she don't never have the kids' and I'm like, ‘Yeah, right. Yes, I do, I just don't post them.'"

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Chyna also explained that she refrains from posting pics of them since she wants to "keep their privacy as their privacy."

"For me to just throw my kids out there and be posting them on social media is something that I'm just not into," she continued. "So, that's why y'all don't see a lot of my kids."

However, amid her new chapter within her personal life—which has included quitting her OnlyFans career and revealing she's been baptized—did note that she might share more glimpses into motherhood with time.

"I think I'm going to start posting them more because I'm starting to be a bit more comfortable with the internet," she shared, "which can sometimes be very mean."

But that's not to say other family members can't post photos of her children, especially considering she's more than happy with the support they're surrounded by.


"I'm not really bothered when other people post them," she added. "I feel like as long as Dream and King are loved, and it comes from a great place then I'm all for it. As long as they are happy, that's all I really care about."

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