Elizabeth Olsen Is a Notorious Axe-Wielding Murderer In Love & Death Trailer

In the dramatic trailer for HBO Max's Love and Death—premiering April 27—Elizabeth Olsen plays axe murderer Candy Montgomery. Watch it here.

By Daniel Trainor Mar 24, 2023 12:37 AMTags
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So, you married an axe murderer.

In the March 23 trailer for HBO Max's limited series Love and Death—premiering April 27—the sensational real-life saga of Candy Montgomery, played by Elizabeth Olsen, is brought to life.

"Men, they get to go to their jobs," Candy says. "We just stay home and, god, that's supposed to be enough."

Bored with her mundane, suburban existence, Candy yearns for more than what her small-town Texas life can provide.

"It is human nature to take risks," Candy suggests, "to go for something with a little thrill at the risk of falling."

That's when, as luck would have it, she meets Allan Gore, played by Jesse Plemons. After their paths intersect by, quite literally, running into each other during a game of volleyball, Candy treats their chance meeting as an opportunity, asking Allan, "Would you be interested in having an affair?"

Candy Montgomery would never be accused of being subtle.

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Allan agrees, but says he and Candy can "never, ever" allow their spouses to get hurt. 

Uh, about that.

Shortly after Allan and Candy begin their affair, Allan's wife Betty Gore, played by Lily Rabe, is found dead. In the aftermath, a friend tells a purportedly shocked Candy on the phone, "They say she was murdered with an axe."

As the police close in on Candy, Allan reveals, "I did have an affair with Candy Montgomery."

This story has gone sour.

If this true crime tale sounds familiar, you might be thinking about the 2022 Hulu limited series Candy, which starred Jessica Biel in the title role.

In 1980, Candy pled self-defense in Betty's murder trial, alleging she attacked Betty with an axe following a confrontation about the affair with Allan. She was subsequently found not guilty. 

See a brand new take on Candy when Love & Death premieres on HBO Max April 27.

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