Inside the Latest Jackson Raids: Hard Drives, iPhone, Aliases Make the List

Here's a quick rundown of what the cops and feds toted away from Dr. Conrad Murray's Vegas home and office

By Natalie Finn, Lindsay Miller Jul 30, 2009 10:04 PMTags
Dr. Conrad Murray, EstateAP Photo/Daniel Gluskoter; AP Photo/Houston Chronicle

UPDATE: On Oct. 21, 2009, a Nevada judge unsealed the records pertaining to the searches of Murray's home, office and storage space, which were executed on the basis of probable cause that "evidence of excessive prescribing, prescribing to addicts, excess treatment or prescribing, prescribing to or treating and addict and manslaughter would be recovered in the search."

Clark County Court Judge Valerie Adair did not, however, allow the release of a later warrant served Aug. 11 on a Las Vegas pharmacy that is suspected of supplying Murray with propofol, the anesthetic that ultimately killed Jackson.

The aftermath of Michael Jackson's death continues to unfold in black and white.

Having already combed through Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston offices and a public storage space, the Los Angeles Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration assembled a team to tear through Murray's Vegas offices and home.

Authorities were looking for any signs of the anesthetic propofol and pretty much any document, correspondence or electronic record mentioning Jackson or one of 19 aliases, including the name Omar Arnold, a pseudonym the King of Pop had used in the past for medical purposes, and Prince Michael, Jackson's eldest (perhaps) son.

A few hours after executing their search warrants, officials toted away a few plastic bins and some thick manila envelopes. Who knows if among the following items they'll find some answers, too:


Maybe while the cops are at it they can look into the merit of Joe Jackson's latest doozy—that his son had a love child.