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UPDATE: On Oct. 21, 2009, a Nevada judge unsealed the records pertaining to the searches of Murray's home, office and storage space, which were executed on the basis of probable cause that "evidence of excessive prescribing, prescribing to addicts, excess treatment or prescribing, prescribing to or treating and addict and manslaughter would be recovered in the search."

Clark County Court Judge Valerie Adair did not, however, allow the release of a later warrant served Aug. 11 on a Las Vegas pharmacy that is suspected of supplying Murray with propofol, the anesthetic that ultimately killed Jackson.

The aftermath of Michael Jackson's death continues to unfold in black and white.

Having already combed through Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston offices and a public storage space, the Los Angeles Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration assembled a team to tear through Murray's Vegas offices and home.

Authorities were looking for any signs of the anesthetic propofol and pretty much any document, correspondence or electronic record mentioning Jackson or one of 19 aliases, including the name Omar Arnold, a pseudonym the King of Pop had used in the past for medical purposes, and Prince Michael, Jackson's eldest (perhaps) son.

A few hours after executing their search warrants, officials toted away a few plastic bins and some thick manila envelopes. Who knows if among the following items they'll find some answers, too:

According to the search warrants obtained by E! News, from Murray's comfy home in the posh Red Rock Country Club neighborhood, authorities seized:

• Forensic image of a Dell computer hard drive
• Data from a Samsung cell phone
• Data from a BlackBerry
• Apple iPhone

And from his office suite, they grabbed:

• Hard drive from a PC Club desktop computer
• Images of hard drives from the PC Club, two Dells and a Hitachi desktop
• Image of a Kingston Data Traveler flash drive
• Phone message book
• CD marked with the name Omar Arnold
• Green binders containing staff and medical supply records and medical equipment invoices
• Miscellaneous paperwork

The L.A. Times reported yesterday that the Omar Arnold CD contained what a source said were records of an electrocardiogram Murray performed on Jackson when the singer was living in Vegas. Jackson moved there when he first returned to the U.S. after a year spent living overseas following his 2005 child molestation trial.

But regardless of what's on that CD, all these documents and records—from Murray and a host of other doctors around the L.A. area—aren't making the investigation move along any faster, that's for sure.

Craig Harvey, chief investigator for the L.A. County Coroner's Office, told E! News Thursday that the release of Jackson's autopsy results has been delayed because of additional record searches.

"We had to push it back because we've had some additional inquiries that we need to follow up on with medical records," said Harvey, whose office had at one point planned to take the report public on Friday. "We've had to request additional records."

He said that he didn't know what exactly they were waiting on, but that they should have their hands on the rest of the paperwork, some of which dates back six to eight years, by the middle of next week.

"We've gotten some but we're waiting for some of the records to be produced…some of them are in storage," Harvey said. "I don't know which doctor specifically. In some cases the records are beyond what they normally keep on their shelves."

Oh, that's OK, take your time. We're not going anywhere.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English


Maybe while the cops are at it they can look into the merit of Joe Jackson's latest doozy—that his son had a love child.

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