Totally Rock a ‘90s-Inspired Look With These Must-Have Pants, Baby Tees, Chokers & More

Grab your mood rings and tighten your bandanas, because these must-have pieces for '90s-inspired looks will keep you looking totally fly.

By Sophy Ziss Mar 24, 2023 5:54 PMTags
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Trends are cyclical. This isn't news! Think about how leggings ruled the '60s, and famously made a comeback in the '80s. And then, again, with some surprising controversy, in the early '00s. Right?

What this means is, we're more than overdue for a '90s revival. Okay, sure, maybe Gen Z is already experimenting with early '00s trends that some of us would rather not revisit. But what the rest of us know is: The '90s looks were way better than we ever gave them credit for.

We had grunge. We had kind of a punk-grunge crossover. There was goth. There was preppy. There was rave-core. We were all looking forward to (or maybe dreading?) the year 2000, which also had a weird effect on overall style.

In short, the '90s deserve their moment in the sun. So whether you're feeling nostalgic, feeling inspired, or just trying to go viral on TikTok for bringing this aesthetic back with a vengeance, I'm with you all the way.

Scroll on for 25 closet must-haves for dressing with '90s style, babe.

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AGOLDE Riley High Rise Straight Crop

A smart foundation for any outfit, regardless of the era you're channeling, is the right pair of jeans. This bestselling pair from AGOLDE — featuring a high rise, straight leg, and cropped silhouette — is the ideal companion for your '90s aesthetic.

Sterling Forever Butterfly and Blossom Anklet

I mean, it doesn't get much more throwback than a charm anklet of daisies and butterflies. It really doesn't. 

Leveret Women's Two Piece Cotton Loose Fit Pajamas Alien

If you were around in the '90s, you know that cartoon depictions of aliens/UFOs/galaxies were pretty much inescapable. This cozy set of PJs from Leveret lets you get in touch with your spaced-out side from the comfort of home.

Naiia Daisy Belly Chain

In an era of crop tops, pop stars, and Flower Power inspiration, a belly chain was truly everything. This handcrafted one from Naiia even includes an oh-so-'90s daisy detail.

Schutz Viola Platform Leather Pump

This sky-high, loafer-inspired, wear-everywhere silhouette from Schutz effortlessly makes any outfit totally bomb. 

Fishnet Anklet with Ruffle Trim Baby Pink

For an instant transformation into a '90s baddie, look no further than this pair. It somehow combines dainty pastels, grunge fishnets, and classic bobby socks into one super-cute (and very throwback) essential.

Eclipse Upcycled Scrunchie

Reduce, reuse, recycle, redo your hair like a '90s kid with an upcycled scrunchie from Eclipse.

Frankie B Sade Cropped Tank Top

Cropped? Check. Tie-dyed? Check. Bedazzled? You betcha. Oh, and it's ribbed, too. In other words, the Sade tank from Frankie B is like a wearable time capsule, in the best way.

Keith Kelly Smiley Face Work Pants

"Made from durable canvas that will soften and mold to your body with each wear," these double-knee work pants also just so happen to feature a groovy smiley face print. It's the '70s-meets-'90s-meets-genuinely-functional pieces of your closet's dreams.

Avec Les Filles Plaid Mini Wrap Skirt

Whether you went with a traditional schoolgirl look or grunged it up with ripped tights and lace-up boots, if you were around in the '90s, you unquestionably rocked a plaid skirt. If you weren't, and feel like you missed out? Voila

Avera Jess Glittery Butterfly Rose Gold Stud Earrings

Glittery butterfly post earrings. What else needs to be said?

Setsofran London Ruffle Crop Top

Here, Setsofran London's curve-hugging masterpiece offers two '90s trends in one: The breezy peasant top with an open-shoulder neckline. And yes, of course it's cropped!

DL1961 Isabel Wide-Leg Straight Vintage Jeans

Mid-rise (not low-rise) and wide-leg (not skinny), the Isabel Jean is reminiscent of what trends were like before the era of AIM. Top yours off with a baby tee for a look that's phat. 

Sterling Forever Butterfly & Daisy Chain Layered Necklace

Chains, layers, butterflies, and daisies: Sterling Forever's necklace legit has it all. 

Chaser Baby Rib Scallop Edge Short Sleeve Tee

A little black tee goes with everything. We know this! But a ribbed-style, cap-sleeved, scalloped-edge tee elevates your look into the realm of '90s dream girl. 

Avec Les Filles Faux Leather Crop Top

For added flair, up the drama from an everyday black tee to a faux leather crop from Avec Les Filles. I love that this look is still a thing, but even happier that we've stopped using "pleatther" to describe it.

Chite Lolita Goes To Bed Tank Top in Satin

Satiny, lingerie-inspired, babydoll looks were everywhere in the '90s. It was a weird time for fashion. This top is technically for pajamas, but if you layered it over a short-sleeved turtleneck before heading out for the day, it would be so radical.

Camille Jewelry Beak Choker Necklace

"Cool, sexy choker" and "'90s inspiration" just go hand in hand. Also, the charm itself is of a Phoenix, emblematic of transformation and rebirth. Love that.

ASTR The Label Scarlett Scrunchie Set

A scrunchie satin trio? Yes, please.

ADIBA The Daisy Necklace

Okay, we all know that florals for the '90s are groundbreaking, but what is it about the daisy that had the decade in a vice grip? Per ADIBA, their daisy necklace "symbolizes adoration, loyalty and longevity," so that may have something to do with it. Plus, this one is handmade! It features "14k gold-plated stainless steel double layer chains, blue precious firestones, real fresh pearl and an 18k gold-filled daisy charm."

Hudson Jeans Thalia Loose-Fit 90s Jean

They're distressed, they're relaxed, and '90s is literally in the name. On top of that, they're on sale. Hudson Thalia jeans, meet closet.

Hey Harper Daisy Earrings

Chunky huggie hoops meet bold daisy pendants for a sweetly vintage-inspired effect.

Schutz Glenna Platform Sandals

These block-heeled platform sandals have an adjustable ankle strap for extra security when you're stepping out, '90s-style.

Katie Dean Jewelry Butterfly Studs

For less dramatic, but still effective '90s accessorizing: These exquisite butterfly (of course) studs from Katie Dean Jewelry.

Sunnylife Lilo Glitter Tube

Okay, so, it's not clothes, and it's not exactly inflatable furniture, but this clear, glittery raft from Sunnylife is still absolutely perfect for flopping on to gossip about boys over a landline.

Once you've got your lewk together, finish it off with a flourish from these women-founded makeup brands.

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