Why Bad Bunny Is Being Sued By His Ex-Girlfriend for $40 Million

Bad Bunny's ex-girlfriend has filed a $40 million lawsuit against the "Dákiti" singer, with the filing stated she has become "worried, anguished, intimidated, overwhelmed and anxious."

By Kisha Forde Mar 21, 2023 6:07 PMTags
Watch: Why Bad Bunny Is Being Sued By His Ex for $40 Million

Bad Bunny's ex argues she has 40 million reasons why her voice recording is now priceless.
In court documents obtained by E! News, the singer's ex-girlfriend, Carliz De La Cruz Hernández, is suing the Grammy winner over the "Bad Bunny, baby" voice memo that she says is included in two of his songs, "Pa Ti" and "Dos Mil 16."
As Hernández—who filed the lawsuit in Puerto Rico earlier this month—stated, she recorded the phrase in 2015 while they were dating after the singer, 29, asked her to. In the complaint, Hernández went on to say that though the couple made plans to get married in 2016, their relationship ended that year, with the two rekindling and breaking up again in 2017.
Fast-forward to May 2022, as Hernández claimed in the lawsuit, when she said a rep for the singer reached out to offer a $2,000 payment to purchase the recording. And despite not being able to agree on a deal, Hernández said Bad Bunny's album, Un Verano Sin Ti, (which features "Dos Mil 16") was released that May without her permission.

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In her complaint (translated to English), Hernández said her "distinguishable voice" has also been used without permission, illegally and without crediting her, for "songs, promotions, albums, concerts worldwide, as well as social media platforms, musicals, television and radio, among other things."

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She also claimed in her lawsuit that people have commented on her recording both in person and on social media.

"Thousands of people comment directly on social media to De la Cruz….Every time she goes to a public place, about ‘Bad Bunny, baby,'" the complaint reads. "The past has provoked and actually causes De La Cruz to feel concerned, worried, anguished, intimidated, burdened and anxious."

E! News has reached out to Bad Bunny's attorneys for comment and has not heard back.

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