Law Roach Sets Record Straight on That Viral Zendaya Video From Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Law Roach explained what really happened in that viral video of himself and Zendaya at Louis Vuitton's Paris Fashion Week show, where he was left without a seat next to the actress.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Mar 18, 2023 2:36 AMTags
Watch: Law Roach Breaks Down Viral Video With Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week

Law Roach is shutting down all the gossip.

The celebrity stylist, who announced his retirement on March 14, addressed the now-viral video of himself and Zendaya at Louis Vuitton's recent Paris Fashion Week show. In the March 6 clip, Zendaya was seen rushing to her front-row seat, while Law—who arrived at the same time as the Euphoria star—was left standing in the aisle and visibly unsure of where to sit.

The awkward moment sparked online speculation that there was tension between the stylist and his client, though Law said the rumors are far from the truth. Explaining how he and Zendaya were late to the show due to traffic, he told The Cut in an interview published March 17 that people were "shuffling us as fast as possible to the seats" upon arrival.

"It was a long walk," he recalled. "So it was a lot of anxiety, because Zendaya is really respectful and she doesn't like people to have to wait on her, and so it was just anxiety."

As he was "used to sitting next" to Zendaya, Law said he became confused when there wasn't enough space for the two of them there. "So, in my mind, my seat was next to her," he said. "So when I got there and it wasn't, you know, it wasn't a problem, but there was nobody to tell me where my actual seat was."


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Though Zendaya was seen pointing to a seat behind her in the video, Law clarified that she was not motioning for him to sit in the second row. "It was her telling me like, 'That's Darnell's seat,' which is her assistant," he explained. "I'm not gonna sit in Darnell's seat. So then where does he go? And so I was standing there—I was really just kind of confused."

Law added that sitting next to Zendaya at shows is something he's "programmed" to do since it's a routine they both share. "It's right next to her, and it's always right next to her," he continued, "because that's part of our relationship and our interaction, seeing the clothes together. And you know, the little cues, and little such, like, that's the look."


And even though he ended up with another seat, Law said that Zendaya is not to blame for the mishap. "That became really tough," he shared of the speculation that followed the video, "because it made people think that Zendaya wasn't taking care of me and wasn't making sure I was taken care of."

Law also clarified that he has "no beef" with the Louis Vuitton team, calling feud rumors "crazy."

As for his bond with Zendaya? It's tighter than ever.

"And people will say, 'Oh, you not gonna leave Zendaya.' But I don't have to style Zendaya to be a part of her team and her creativity team, right?" Law said, referencing his recent retirement from celebrity styling. "So maybe if I choose, you know, not to be her stylist, I can still be her creative director and I can still, you know, manage a stylist or however I choose to do it. I haven't made a decision."

In fact, the Spider-Man: No Way Home actress is supportive of whichever path Law decides to take, he said. "She's giving me the grace to be able to make that decision because we really have a kinship," Law noted. "Like, you know, we've grown up together. And that's all I ever asked, was for people who I worked so hard for to just give me grace when I need it."