The Bachelorette's Andi Dorfman Shares Details on Her Upcoming Italian Wedding

The Bachelorette alum Andi Dorfman is set to wed her fiancé Blaine Hart in about two months. So how has wedding planning been going? Learn more about their upcoming ceremony in Italy.

By Elyse Dupre Mar 16, 2023 9:00 AMTags
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Andi Dorfman's journey is taking her down the aisle.

When the Bachelorette alum and her fiancé Blaine Hart tie the knot in Italy this May, it'll be a full-circle moment for the couple. Why? Well, they'll be saying "I do" in the same place they reconnected more than 15 years after they first met

"We both wanted to do a destination wedding," Andi exclusively told E! News. "You know the wedding that I want at 36 now is so much different than the wedding I would've wanted in my 20s, and I definitely want it to be smaller, more intimate. And we also wanna share our love of travel."

She continued, "Some of our friends have never been to Italy. They're so excited. We love hearing about where they're going to be before and after. It's really a chance for us to push our friends to enjoy travel like we do."

Bachelor Nation's Still-Rosy Romances

As Andi plans her happily-ever-after moment, she's been taking followers along for the ride on Instagram—posting snaps of everything from her invitations to her "La Dolce Vita" bridal shower. Her favorite part of the process so far?

"The dress is definitely my favorite part," the 35-year-old, who will be wearing custom Mark Ingram on her big day, shared with E!. "I mean, I am getting married for the dresses and obviously the marriage. But let's be honest: I'm having a wedding for the dresses."


While planning a wedding can be stressful, Andi suggested it's been smooth sailing so far. In fact, she praised Blaine and their wedding planner for spearheading the organizational side. 

"It's been good honestly," she explained. "We've been lucky in the sense that we've kind of agreed on everything. And I feel like doing a destination wedding, you don't have a ton of options. It's not like here where you know you're going to the florist or you're going somewhere and seeing 50 million options. Of course, you're gonna have disagreements on that. But nope! We just have a few options and we're like, 'Cool, that looks good.'"

And if you were wondering, yes, Andi said there will be members of Bachelor Nation at the wedding. But one thing that won't make the cut? Those iconic red roses.

"I never even liked roses, which is the funniest part," she said. "I'm one of those girls that I just like white, crisp flowers. I've never liked red roses. So no, there will definitely not be red roses there."

Bachelor Nation first met Andi on Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor in 2014 before watching her hand out roses as the Bachelorette later that year. While Andi got engaged to Josh Murray at the end of her season, they announced their breakup in 2015. 

And Andi can't believe it's been nine years since her Bachelor journey began.

"It was a crazy experience, but it was also very lifechanging for me," Andi said. "I still kinda pinch myself. Now that I'm getting a little older, getting married, wanting to have kids soon, I think it's an experience that is going be fun to tell my kids about. Like, 'Yeah, I did this.' Like, how many people can say their mom was a Bachelorette? So, even though there's definitely some cringe moments in all of that, yeah, it's kind of just crazy to look back on." 

Ultimately, she sees it as the path that brought her to Blaine.

"I look at it now that I'm getting married, I'm like, 'OK, so that's all what it led to,'" the former reality star added. "Like, that is life-changing for me. And I think if I hadn't done the show, I wouldn't have moved to New York, I wouldn't have moved to L.A., I wouldn't have been in Italy at the time that I met Blaine. So, it's in some weird way led me here."

The wedding isn't the only milestone the couple has coming up. Before they make it to the aisle, Andi and Blaine will lace up their sneakers for the 2023 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon on March 19th. And just like with the wedding planning, they're in step with each other when it comes to training for the race. 

"We just kinda look at it as time spent together," Andi noted. "It's like no distractions, you're not on your phone, you're not texting. So, it's kind of nice for us to just be together and, you know, sweat it out I guess."

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