Women Tell All: All of the Most Shocking Moments from The Bachelor’s Big Reunion

The March 14 Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor put the villains of the season on the hot seat, floated the idea of secret boyfriends and confronted an alleged clout chaser.

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Oh, the women certainly told all

On March 14 Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor, the eliminated contestants from Zach Shallcross' season reunited to to discuss the season, confront each other and drop some very juicy drama along the way.

It didn't take long for the accusations to start flying. With host Jesse Palmer mediating the action, there was an allegation about one contestant having a secret boyfriend, further conversations surrounding an apparent clout chaser and nemeses Katherine and Brooklyn going head-to-head all over again.

For all of the most shocking moments from the Bachelor's Women Tell All episode, keep scrolling.

Bachelor contestant Anastasia responds to claim she had a secret boyfriend

Zach eliminated Anastasia after contestants alleged that she was only on the show to gain Instagram followers (a.k.a. the classic Bachelor kiss of death).

Victoria fueled the fire during Women Tell All.

"We both have mutual friends and I was explicitly told that you were only going on this show as a business opportunity," Victoria told Anastasia. "I literally have the receipts. I have screenshots to prove it."

Not only that, Kat alleged that Anastasia had even more baggage while filming the season.

"Anastasia, you had a boyfriend on the show," Kat said. "You called him in the Bahamas when you got your phone back."

Kat explained that Anastasia blew it by posting a photo of herself and a mystery man on Instagram.

But Anastasia pushed back.

"I did not have a boyfriend, I still don't have a boyfriend, I never dated that person," Anastasia said. "I can show you the receipts of when those photos were taken. They were taken the week before I came here when I was at my friend's wedding and he was there."

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Katherine and Brooklyn spar again

Brooklyn called Katherine "classless" during the season, after Katherine stole Zach for some alone time before his one-on-date with Charity. And she doubled down during Women Tell All.

"If me calling someone's actions classless fits the narrative," Brooklyn said, "there it is."

Katherine defended herself and attempted to explain why she got so angry at Brooklyn during the season.

"I had shown my compassion, my respect and my love for everybody up until that point," Katherine argued. "I still do, to this day. For you to come at my character to the level that you did was just wrong. That's why I was pissed."

Brooklyn wasn't hearing it.

"If the shoe fits, lace that bitch up," she said. "If you feel like me addressing your actions describe your character, so f--king be it."

The Bachelor's Greer apologizes for her blackface controversy

In January, Greer apologized after old comments she made defending her friend's use of blackface emerged. At the Women Tell All, Jesse said they weren't letting her off the hook.

"As a franchise, we've done a very poor job in the past of addressing serious topics head-on," he told her. "We're not going to miss that opportunity here tonight."

On stage with Jesse, Greer made a further attempt to atone for her words.

"What happened was racist," she admitted. "It's not about the intent, it's about the impact. This acquaintance of mine that I knew performing blackface was racist. Me defending it was racist. My ignorance was racist. I'm just ashamed. I'm deeply sorry I hurt the Black community. I can't go back in time. All I can do is try and do better now and try and be better in my future."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor's Christina owns up to her actions...sorta

's journey on The Bachelor was a rollercoaster. Despite meeting Zach's family during the season's first one-on-one date, she was sent home the following week after some of the women told Zach she was causing issues in the mansion.

In one particular instance, Christina said she was "confused" after brand-new Bachelorette Charity received a rose during a group date, which Katherine addressed head-on during Women Tell All.

"Christina sucked the energy up in any room she went to," Katherine said. "It was overwhelming because no one else was doing that. It made everybody else feel uncomfortable."

To her credit, Christina offered an apology—though it wasn't exactly the best one we've ever heard.

"I probably could have shut the f--k up a little bit more," she said. "What my mind wanted to do was do more, make sure people understand my intentions and that I am being nice. I didn't know what to do. It felt like everything I did was just the wrong thing. It was hard."

Christina finds a friend on Women Tell All

Olivia only lasted one night on this season of The Bachelor, but she made a big impression during the Women Tell All by defending Christina. 

"I have a hot take on Christina," Olivia said. "I love you, Christina. I think your personality is so bold and so out there and I feel like you're going to say what everyone else is thinking, but everyone else is going to be quiet about."

Her sentiment did not sit well with Katherine, who retorted, "You went home night one."

But Olivia was ready.

"Absolutely, Katherine," she responded. "I did go home night one. Zach got to learn your personality and then sent you home. So what does that say about you?"


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