Emily in Paris' Lucien Laviscount Teases Alfie's Season 4 Fate

Lucien Laviscount exclusively told E! News his hope for season four of Emily in Paris at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

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Watch: Lucien Laviscount Tells If Alfie Will Return on Emily in Paris

Warning: This article includes spoilers for Emily in Paris season three

A season without Alfie would be the definition of ringard.

Lucien Laviscount quickly became a fan-favorite on Emily in Paris when he joined the cast in season two as the new love interest of Lily Collins' titular marketing executive. But following Alfie and Emily's heartbreaking split in season three, fans have been wondering what's next for the British banker. Now ahead of season four, Lucien exclusively told E! News about his possible future on the Darren Star series.

"I don't know if I'm back," the 30-year-old actor admitted at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars Party March 12. "Talk to Darren."

In the most recent season finale, Alfie and Emily—as well as Camille (Camille Razat) and Gabriel (Lucas Bravo)—broke up over the lingering feelings between the chef and the social media strategist. Camille called off her wedding to Gabriel during their vows, while Alfie made it clear to Emily that he is no second string.

So, what does Lucien want for Emily, even if his character isn't there by her side? He confirmed he just wants "Emily [to] be happy."

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And amid reflecting on Alfie's journey in Paris, Lucien also took a moment to pay tribute to his Scream Queens co-star Jamie Lee Curtis after she picked up her very first Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Everything Everywhere All at Once.

"My girl Jamie Lee Curtis got it as well," he noted. "My first-ever American TV show, I did with her."

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But even prior to Oscar Sunday, Lucien had expressed his interest in reprising his Emily in Paris role for the already-confirmed fourth season. "It would be great to come back," he shared at the season three premiere in December. "But honestly, I think I've had a really, really incredible two seasons on this show. It's been really special."

"She might have to pull something out of the bag to get the main man back," Lucien previously explained to E! News, noting how much his character had opened up throughout his arc. "Season two Alfie had this little cloud over his head, he was hating on life. Season three he gets his vulnerable side."

The first three seasons of Emily in Paris are currently available to stream on Netflix. But as we await season four, read up on everything we know about the show, below...

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Will Alfie return in season four?

Given how season three ended for Alfie (re: single and sad), it begs the question: Will he be back for more in season four?

While we can't say for certain, we can report that Lucien Laviscount certainly hopes so.

"It would be great to come back," the actor, who plays Alfie, exclusively told E! News at the show's Dec. 15 premiere in New York City. "But honestly I think I've had a really, really incredible two seasons on this show. It's been really special."

If Alfie does make another appearance, Lucien joked that it would be all about Alfie's "revenge" and seeing his "sick, twisted side."

Count us in.

Will Camille and Emily stay friends?

With the news that Camille is pregnant with (presumably) Gabriel's baby and the fact that she told Emily that Emily was a better match for her own fiancé ON THEIR WEDDING DAY, it seems a little unlikely that there's still fertile friendship ground between Camille and Emily.

But don't tell that to Camille Razat.

"I hope that Emily and Camille stay friends," Camille exclusively told E! News. "I do."

If they can figure out a way to make it work, there's hope for all of us.

How will Julien move forward professionally?

Season three ended with Julien (Samuel Arnold) writing a mysterious e-mail, likely a sign that he's ready to leave Agence Grateau in the dust. 

Samuel is hoping that the future brings professional prosperity for his character—and he recognizes that Julien's success is important for reasons that far exceed the confines of the show.

"I'd really like for my character to just win professionally," he exclusively told E! News, "and to set an example that a young man like him in an industry like that can really go far and touch the stars. I'm pretty sure that there are some people that view themselves when they see Julien and I'd love them to see Julien win."

Is Mindy really heading to Eurovision?

In the season three finale, Benoit (Kevin Dias) reveals to Mindy (Ashley Park) that their song is headed to the Eurovision Song Contest. For the uninitiated, Eurovision is an over-the-top international songwriting contest featuring artists representing primarily European countries which has helped launch the careers of the likes of ABBACéline Dion and the late Olivia Newton-John.

If you were shocked by the reveal, have no shame—because so was Ashley. "That was a surprise to me, too," she exclusively told E! News. "I was like, ‘Wait, like Eurovision Eurovision?'"

But hold on, is the show actually headed to Eurovision in season four?

"Yes, I hope so," show creator Darren Star told Entertainment Weekly. "That's the plan. I think we've got a really wonderful Eurovision-worthy song that can be quite competitive. And I think for Mindy that part is still really important to her, that artistic side. And it's why she came to Paris. I think it's gonna reignite that passion and that dream."

Get the strobe lights ready!

Will we finally leave France behind?

The third season finds Emily, Gabriel and Alfie traveling to Provence and the beautiful French countryside, but the confines of the country have yet to be breached.

That should all change in season four—if the cast has anything to do with it, that is.

"We could go anywhere!" Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Sylvie, exclusively told E! News. "We could travel. We could take her to Italy. I would love to go to Italy with Emily. Sylvie speaks Italian, remember? So, we could go to Rome."

Meanwhile Samuel Arnold wants to take Julien stateside "to challenge the Americans," while Lily Collins suggested she'd love to see Emily in "Denmark or Japan."

Emily in Tokyo, anyone? 

Will Kim Cattrall make an appearance?

Kim Cattrall got tongues wagging when she made a splashy appearance at the Emily in Paris season three premiere on Dec. 6 and we couldn't help but wonder...is there a guest starring role in season four ahead?

"It was so wonderful to hear her speak about the show, and she's such a big supporter, and we're so grateful for that," Lily Collins exclusively told E! News about Kim. "We've been asked that question. We were like, 'Darren? Does anyone know anything?' We don't know."

Darren, of course, is Emily in Paris creator Darren Star, who also created Sex and the City where Cattrall starred as the iconic Samantha Jones for six seasons.

"It's all about finding the right role because she doesn't want to come on as Kim," Darren told SiriusXM Dec. 20. "She doesn't want to come on as Samantha. We've gotta find something special and worthy of her."

That's no small feat—but it won't stop us from getting our hopes up.

When will season four of Emily in Paris premiere?

Sure, season three just premiered—but we're impatient!

The first season premiered in October 2020, season two dropped in December 2021 and given the December 2022 release of season three, perhaps a late 2023 isn't too much to ask.

That still gives us plenty of time to emotionally prepare. 

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