Decoding Miley Cyrus' Endless Summer Vacation Album Lyrics

Miley Cyrus just dropped her highly-anticipated album, Endless Summer Vacation, and fans already can't stop listening to her latest record. Read on for some of her standout lyrics.

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Miley Cyrus is entering her new era like a wrecking ball.

The singer's eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, was officially released on March 10—and needless to say, fans are ready more than ready to skip straight to the warmest months of the year after listening to the record's 13 tracks.

After all, the album's lead single, "Flowers," has already proved to be a smash hit for the singer, breaking the record as the most streamed song in a week on Spotify after its Jan. 13 release.

But the song not only proved to be a hit for the catchy melody itself, as fans have discovered multiple easter eggs they believed to be all about Miley's ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth and the demise of their on-again, off-again relationship.

And there's even more alluding to past romances on the record such as the single, "Muddy Feet," where Miley sings about a cheating lover—and the track "Jaded" that features the Hannah Montana alum's thoughts on a breakup now that she's older.

Miley Cyrus Through the Years

And now that Endless Summer Vacation has finally launched, we're decoding the lyrics from a few of the songs that already had fans on the edge of midnight:



Naturally, the album's first track and lead song, "Flowers," is the one fans couldn't help but speculate was about Miley's ex, Liam. As several TikTokers have since pointed out, the chorus of the song appears to mirror "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars, whose music Miley and the Hunger Games star danced to at their wedding in 2018.

Not to mention, as fans also highlighted, the song's Jan. 13 release date, also just so happened to be Liam's birthday. What's more is that she also seemed to call out an ex by singing about how they "built a home and watched it burn."

"I didn't want to leave / I didn't want to lie," she belts out. "Started to cry but then remembered I / I can buy myself flowers." 

As for the video, the 30-year-old was seen working out and embracing self-love.

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From "Flowers," the album leads into "Jaded," which seems to share a perspective on a tough breakup from an ex now that's another phase within her life.

"I don't wanna call and talk too long," she sings. "I know it was wrong, but never said I was sorry / Now I've had time to think it over / We're much older and the bone's too big to bury."

Elsewhere, she croons over a fiery demise: "Oh, isn't it a shame that it ended like that? / Said goodbye forever, but you never unpacked / We went to Hell, but we never came back."

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At first glance, the seventh track, "River," could be mistaken for another breakup ballad. But the upbeat song is actually quite the opposite, with the performer—who is currently dating Maxx Morando—singing about being wrapped up with a lover.

"I feel you everywhere / Your face is all in my hair," she sings. "Covered up in your sweat / It turns me on that you care, baby / Your love, it flows just like a river."

Ahead of the album's release, Miley opened up about the inspiration behind the melody.

"It was a time in my life where I was going through just a lot in my life emotionally and personally," she said in a clip from her forthcoming Disney+ special Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions), via Billboard.  "And I guess all my songs kind of evolve, they could start as something that was a trouble, like it just feels like it's an April Shower, it never stops raining, and then it started raining down like love."

Miley added that its a dance floor banger that's simply "nasty."

"Muddy Feet"

"Muddy Feet," the ninth song on the record, has fans already talking about the explosive lyrics, as the song alludes to betrayal and cheating from a past lover.

"I don't know / Who the hell you think you're messin' with," Miley sings. "Get the fuck out of my house with that s--t / Get the f--k out of my life with that s--t."

However, it's one particular message that hit fans like a wrecking ball: "And you smell like perfume that I didn't purchase / Now I know why you've been closing the curtains (Uh-uh) / Get the f--k out of my house."
"Wonder Woman"
But aside from relationships and heartbreak, Miley's eighth album also shares insight on a journey to self-love. Take for instance, her song, "Wonder Woman," that describes someone picking up the pieces all by herself.

"She's a wonder woman / She knows what she likes," she sings. "Never know she's broken / 'Cause she's always fine / She's a million moments / Lived a thousand lives."

Elsewhere, the Black Mirror alum noted a moment of self-reflection: "When her favorite record's on and she's dancing in the dark / She can't stop her eyes from welling up, up / She makes sure that no one's 'round to see her fall apart / She wants to be thе one that never doеs."

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