Transform Your Bed Into the Workspace of Your Dreams With These 19 Products

Fom bedside caddy organizers to handy-dandy reading lights, don't sleep on these must-have picks from Amazon that will take your WFB (work from bed) game to the next level.

By Jenny Lee Mar 12, 2024 7:45 PMTags
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With the rise of WFH these past few years, one of the most common pieces of advice I've heard from acquaintances and seen on the interweb is, "Don't work from your bed. Your desk is for working, and your bed is for sleeping." But after much trial and error, I've reached the conclusion that it's OK to disagree. In fact, I'd even go so far as to argue that I get some of my best, most productive work done while I'm working from my bed or couch — in fact, most of my undergraduate thesis (whew, how time flies) was written from the comfort of my lounging spaces. While this might be a hot take, in the spirit of Sleep Week 2024, I've decided that there was no better time to make an ode to the love of my life: aka my plushy mattress, cozy comforter, and soft bedsheets.

This is the bed I've made and I'm more than ready to lie in it. If you're of the same opinion that WFB (work from bed) is the ultimate & final form of working from home, this article is for you, my friend with a great mind who thinks alike. From space-saving bedside shelves to top-rated blue light-blocking glasses, I've rounded up the best Amazon find to elevate your bed or couch to the workspace of your dreams. So don't sleep on these must-haves, and get ready to do some shopping.

HUANUO Portable Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion

This multi-functional, portable lap desk allows you to take your personal workstation with you anywhere, including your bed or couch. The desk features an ergonomic wrist pad that also prevents your laptop from slipping off; a device holder for you to store pens, phone and tablet; a comfortable bottom cushion for your lap; and extra storage pockets on the side.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "The most important feature for me is that the pillow underneath has a graduated height so that my laptop is angled and makes it easier for me to see the keyboard. It is lighter than I thought it would be. The foam is soft on my legs. The laptop does not get hot while sitting on the desktop. I have a 14' laptop and there is room to use your mouse. When the laptop is open you cannot use the "well" in the back, but I had no plans to use it anyway. This laptop desk meets and exceeds my expectations and I would recommend it."

Flippy Tablet 4.0 Pillow Stand Holder for Lap, Desk & Bed

If you work primarily from your tablet, this Flippy pillow stand is the perfect solution. Whether you're lounging on the couch or even traveling on a flight, this tablet and iPad holder stand will help you have a comfortable, hands-free experience without straining your neck or eyes.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "One of my best purchases EVER. I had been looking at it on and off for a while trying to decide whether or not to give it a try. I was afraid it might be too heavy and bulky. I finally got tired of punching and constantly re-arranging the pillow I was using on my lap to hold my Ipad and bought the Flippy. It is simply wonderful. Light as a feather, you can hardly tell you have anything resting on your lap. With three different angles to choose from it is very easy to find a comfortable reading position. Very important for me and anyone else who has problems holding a book because of hand pain, this product is a MUST HAVE. You will never be sorry."

Cyezcor Video Conferencing Lighting Kit

Just because you're on your bed or couch doesn't mean you can't have good lighting while taking a Zoom call. This video conferencing lighting kit comes with a portable ring light for clipping on to your monitor, and the light is fully adjustable with 3 color temperatures and 5 brightness levels. The ring light also rotates vertically and horizontally, so you can find your best angle.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "This light was everything I expected and more. The construction is solid. Adjustability is great. Multiple light levels and color temperature settings means I don't look like The Walking Dead when I'm on a zoom call. For the price you can't go wrong with this light. Highly recommended.."

Lghtyro Mid Century Modern Fabric Wall Hanging Tapestry

Speaking of Zoom calls, this minimalist tapestry can be hung up on the wall behind your couch or next to your bed to give you an instant, aesthetically pleasing background. The tapestry is made of soft, skin-friendly polyester fiber, and the minimalist line style gives a sophisticated & ambient feel to any space it's hung in.

The tapestry is available in a variety of sizes and patterns. One Amazon reviewer raved, "Looking for something different in my living room and bought this tapestry and built a frame. Have received many compliments and it was a very inexpensive idea!"

Amazon Essentials Women's Long-Sleeve Lightweight Crewneck Sweater

If you're looking for a top that's cozy enough to wear while lounging around the house but professional-looking enough to take a Zoom call at any moment, this lightweight crewneck sweater is the perfect solution. It's available in 39(!) different colors and patterns, and the close-but-comfortable fit allows for easy movement.

One Amazon reviewer called this the "perfect staple sweater with a beautiful fit." They added, "I started with the purchase of one sweater and when it came, I was surprised how well-made it was and the beautiful fit - loose, comfortable, but providing a very attractive form without being overly "form-fitting". It looks much more expensive than the price. So, I bought 7 more, one in almost every color. I wear an XS and am 5'4". I may still buy a few more. You can't go wrong with this piece."

Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight Vee Cardigan Sweater

If you prefer an open-front sweater that you can put on over your WFH shirt (aka your pajamas), this lightweight cardigan sweater is for you. It comes in 27 different colors, and it features a V-neckline with a button front for versatile styling.

According to one Amazon shopper who called this cardigan a "must have," "I absolutely love this cardigan!! I have a black and green one. You can dress it up or down, super soft, stretch is great, fits just below my pant line, dries fast, and they are well made. I can't say enough good things about these cardigans! ... The price is great, the quality is better!"

Benicci Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women or Men

Staring at a computer, tablet or phone screen all day can lead to eye strain. These blue light-blocking glasses can help protect your eyes while viewing your digital screens, espeically at night, and they come with a protective case so you can bring them with you anywhere.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "I have had many blue light glasses as I work on a computer daily but have never had ones like these! They are light weight, incredibly flexible! They not only come with a really nice hard case, microfiber cloth case, and a large Microfiber cleaning cloth!!! Not only all of those accessories but they've also included an Anti blue light test set, which I have never seen before. It was really cool to see how Blue Ray glasses are suppose to work. EXTREMELY Happy with these glasses and will always purchase from this company! Well worth the Price."

JALL Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

This dual alarm clock and phone charger is stylish, multi-functional and convenient. You can set two or three different alarms, and there's also a weekday mode that will ring only from Monday-Friday. The LED display brightness can be adjusted, and the clock is operated by USB/power cord.

According to an Amazon reviewer, "The ability to dim or brighten the display, monitor the relative humidity or temperature, set THREE separate alarms (with volume control) would all be worth the money, but the cherry on top is the wireless charger. Other alarm clocks I've purchased required the phone to be placed just so in order for the wireless charger to work, but with THIS clock, I just lay the phone down, and it charges - quickly. ... This is a great purchase. Very intuitive."

HAKACC Bedside Storage Organizer

If you need a space to store and organize all your miscellaneous WFH necessities, you'll love this wallet-friendly bedside caddy. It comes with 3 mesh pockets that can things like your phone, glasses, headphone, pens and bottle, while the A4-size pocket can hold your books, tablet, notebooks and more.

According to one Amazon reviewer, this is a "great bedside catch-all." They wrote, "Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective! That's the case for this great little caddy. I was not sure how well it would work since we have a platform bed rather than a box spring and mattress. Turns out that the "flap" that holds the caddy in place is flexible enough to go between our mattress and the bed platform, yet rigid enough to stay in place. It houses my night-time reading, glasses, etc., with room to spare. Very happy with the sturdiness - expect to get a lot of use out of it."

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Yapishi Leather Remote Control Holder

For your couch, this remote control holder is a great option for organizing and storing your work supplies in one place. The rotating base design allows easy access to items from any direction, and it's covered in black PU leather with delicate stitching that goes with any home decor.

Multiple reviewers on Amazon noted that the holder was big enough to hold their iPad and notebooks. According to one shopper, "The product is just as advertised. It's very useful for items I use daily and it has several sections. The tv remote fits in one section and there is room for pens, paper for notes and section I use for nail polish. Wish I had ordered earlier."

Modern Innovations Bedside Shelf for Bed

If you don't have immediate access to a table or flat surface from your bed or couch, you may want to consider this handy-dandy bedside shelf. Available in 6 different colors, the space-saving shelf provides instant storage for items like your pens, books, snacks and coffee. It also features a cable cord insert to charge your devices, as well s a drink holder to help prevent your beverages from spilling.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "I love this product! It has plenty of room, includes a sizable cup-holder, and has small rivets for a charger on the sides. For the price you're paying, it's a super affordable and straightforward item. Took me less than a minute to install."

Yohom No Drilling File Holder

On a similar note, this no-drill file holder can keep your important documents and office supplies in easy reach on your wall or door next to your bed or couch. The organizer can be installed with the adhesive or mounted with screws if you'd like, and its minimal-chic design suits any room while saving desk space.

According to one reviewer on Amazon, "Just what I wanted. It comes with a couple of drywall anchors and screws. Alternatively, there's a clear plastic adhesive plate that you can stick to the wall or door to support the pocket. I used the screws and anchors. Installation took me less than five minutes. It feels secure and has enough room to hold several magazines."

SHW Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Rolling Cart

If you're looking for a desk that you can travel with from your home office to your bed to your couch, check out this rolling laptop stand desk. The rolling cart comes with four wheels, including two locking wheels, and you can easily adjust the height as well, making it perfect to use as a standing desk as well.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "I've tried several types of desks both standard and portable. This is by far the best one. It's easy to adjust and move around. I've used it when working from bed, the couch both sitting and laying and from a recliner chair. It's made it possible to work from anywhere."

ComfortSpa Reading Pillow

This reading pillow helps support your back, shoulders and neck while you're reclining on your bed. Made of shredded foam that comfortably molds to your body, the pillow also features bonus storage pockets for your phone, glasses, book, tablet, remote and more.

According to one reviewer on Amazon, "Absolutely love it! It's nice and sturd/supportive for any back issues - of which I've had many, yet at same time is more comfortable than any of the other lounge cushions like this that I've had in past. Highly recommended - if you like a firm cushion. If you're into something you want to sink into, may not be your thing, but it is incredibly soft at same time. You can see is very well made, and am going to get another for living room couch! A++"

LEPOWER Clip-On Light

This practical clip-on light easily attaches to your table, desk, bed headboard and computer for extra light to help with reading and viewing. The light has a built-in remote on the cord that allows you switch between lighting tones and brightness.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "This is the best reader light I've owned. It's flexible and the soft lighting settings are extremely helpful as I have a cornea disease. It make reading a paperback book less strenuous on my eyes. Highly recommend."

Gritin 9 LED Rechargeable Book Light

Alternatively, this super-compact, rechargeable book light attaches directly to your book for a cozy reading environment. You can switch between 3 color temperatures and various brightnesses, and the light can also stand independelty with the anti-slip pad on the bottom.

According to one Amazon shopper, "It's a phenomenal little light for the price. I tend to read before bed, and I would prefer not to have a large light on. This light solves it. Not only does it illuminate a full page well, but it has adjustable brightness levels that serve sensitive eyes like mine or those who may need more light to see and read. I tend to use the third setting since it's the warmest, but having the other two options is a great way to offer different vibes you're into that sort of thing. All in all, I couldn't recommend this little guy more!"

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Next up on the list of things you may not have known existed but are actually super practical and useful is this rechargeable LED neck reading light. The ergonomic design has 3 color temperature modes and 6 brightness levels, and the arms are adjustable so you can get the angle that's most comfortable for you.

One reviewer on Amazon wrote, "This neck light is more than just a wonderful way to have a reading light anywhere you go. I wear this light around the house when it is dark to avoid tripping and the need to be switching on lights in every room I need to go into. I can walk around the dark kitchen and see just what I need to see. And when I cross the dark street carrying things to visit my friend, it lights the way over curbs and up steps hands-free. I highly recommend this light to anyone from K to Gray as they say!! If you read in bed or just want a hands-free "flashlight" — this is your light!!"

Bigso Sverker Diberboard Legal and Art Storage Box

With this chic storage box, you can easily organize your important documents in one place and slide them under your bed to save space in your home but also retain the ability to access these papers without having to get up from your cozy bed workstation (win-win). The storage box is built to last, and it features an elegant design, secure-fitting lid and a label window.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "This is perfect to store legal paper in. I put it on the bottom of my bookcase and the grey color doesn't stand out. Very satisfied! It actually holds more than just a ream of legal size paper but that's mainly what I bought it for."

Home-It Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs

I wholeheartedly believe that one of the most crucial factors for a successful, productive work session is delicious snacks. This bamboo bed tray is perfect for keeping your favorite snacks and beverage by your side as you work from your bed, and it includes handles for easy mobility and folds down for compact storage. It's also the perfect mini picnic table— not to mention it's absolutely adorable.

According to one Amazon reviewer who called this the "perfect pop up table," "My boyfriend and I eat on our bed extremely often and these little tables are the perfect pop up tables to do that! they're very sturdy and are perfect for holding a meal on them. I can also see this product being great for holding a laptop, drawing, and holding anything on your bed or sitting in a chair! Totally recommend this tiny table."

What is Sleep Week?

Sleep Week, also called Sleep Awareness Week, is an annual event that celebrates all things sleep. It's a great week to stock up on sleep essentials since many brands and retailers have amazing sales, with deals on everything from pillows to bedding, eye masks and pajamas.

When is Sleep Week 2024?

This year, Sleep Week is being celebrated from March 10 to March 16, 2024.

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