Why Sam Claflin Was Happy With His “Boring” Costumes on Daisy Jones and the Six

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Daisy Jones and the Six star Sam Claflin explained why he was just fine with his character Billy Dunne's repetitive fashion choices.

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Billy Dunne will never be labeled as a fashion icon.

The Daisy Jones and the Six frontman, played by Sam Claflin in the highly-anticipated Prime Video series, oozes rock star charisma—but his wardrobe full of denim doesn't exactly inspire sartorially. 

For Sam, who was surrounded by an ensemble cast in much flashier attire, Billy's aesthetic suited him just fine.

"I was actually really happy with just wearing denim," the actor exclusively told E! News. "As much as it was maybe a little boring in comparison to the other vibrant colors that the other people got to wear. At the same time, they also got put in very uncomfortable or leather trousers on a hot day."

It's hard to beat the ease and comfort of the Canadian tuxedo!

"I'd like to think that I just went neutral the whole way," Sam continued. "And that's fine. I'm happy. That's the safe option."

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When it came to putting together Billy's look, Daisy Jones and the Six costume designer Denise Wingate had a very particular inspiration in mind. 

Denise exclusively told E! News, "The only reference that I felt really strongly about was Bruce Springsteen for Sam Claflin, who plays Billy Dunne." 

And that's actually why Billy's style remains consistent throughout the show, about a fictional rock band rising to fame in the 1970s and the strain that stardom caused on their relationships.

"I felt Billy was a character that was going to stay true to his roots and didn't get caught up in the fame," Denise revealed. "And I've always felt that way about Springsteen: He's managed to carry that legacy throughout his entire career."

However, Denise admitted that looking like The Boss wasn't the most exciting thing in the world.

"While I was dressing everybody else in these fabulous leather jackets and fur coats," she said, "He'd be like, 'Another denim shirt, thanks.'"

But hey, at least Sam avoided the sweaty trouser situation.

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Check out Sam in all of his denim glory in Daisy Jones and the Six, also starring Riley Keough, Suki Waterhouse and Camila Morrone. It's streaming now on Prime Video.

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