Daisy Jones' Riley Keough Reveals Which of The Six She'd Call to Bail Her Out of Jail

Daisy Jones and The Six stars Riley Keough and Sam Claflin told E! News which of their castmates they'd call if they were in a jam. Read on to see who they picked.

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Watch: Sam Claflin & Riley Keough Reveal Who Would Bail Them Out of Jail

The prison band was there and they began to bail.

Since Daisy Jones and The Six follows both the rise and the fall of the fictional '70s supergroup, at least one of the characters was bound to find themselves behind bars at some point in the show. In episode four of the Prime Video series, Riley Keough's titular lead must call upon her bandmate Karen, played by Suki Waterhouse, to get her out of jail.

And for Riley, life would imitate art, as she exclusively told E! News' Francesca Amiker, "I would call, of my cast members, Suki. 100 percent."

As for Billy Dunne? Sam Claflin offered two options for who he'd turn to in a jam, first giving the honor to Timothy Olyphant, who plays tour manager Rod Reyes. Of the Justified star, Sam joked, "I think he'd probably have the bail money."

But all kidding aside, the Hunger Games alum settled on Tom Wright, who plays record producer—and Billy's mentor—Teddy Price.

Love Lives of Daisy Jones & the Six Stars

"Tom became—I don't want to say father figure, he's not that old—an older brother to me," Sam noted. "Me and him had a real bond on this and it was strange, because it felt for a while that it was just me and him. I have such an affinity for Tom Wright."

And not only did the cast have to play convincing musicians for the mockumentary series, they also had to bond like a real band.

Sebastian Chacon, who plays The Six drummer Warren Rhodes, said that a prolonged production due to COVID made that an easy task. "It was a product of just having a ton of time together," he shared. "We had the benefit of meeting for two months of rehearsal, then we had a bunch of time during COVID in group chats—and then we're together for three months, every day playing together. By the time we got to set, I do know these people, these are my homies."

Those sentiments were echoed by Josh Whitehouse (bassist Eddie Roundtree), who shared, "It was a very unusual and rare situation that just created a lot of bonds and family, which I think translates to the screen."

Meanwhile, their co-stars Suki and Camila Morrone agreed the chemistry was practically natural.

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

"Creating bonds off-screen is not really difficult, that's the easy part," Suki stated. "We developed our friendships as we started filming. It's impossible when you're working with everyone so closely to now know every single detail of what's going on lives."

And as Camila pointed out, working long days together definitely helped.

"Also, just being silly and delirious—so many night shoots, so many long days where we would just lose our minds and do it together," she added. "So, being there for each other when we were on the down or struggling or working through scenes, we're just there for the good and the bad."

Daisy Jones and The Six drops new episodes every Friday on Prime Video.

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