Burn Notice: You Asked, We Answered

We have more dish on what's to come for Nate, Victor, Brennen and more

By Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna Jul 30, 2009 5:54 PMTags
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Sometimes when show runners and stars answer fan questions, their answers just lead to, well, more questions.

We couldn't wait for next Monday's Spoiler Chat to answer some of the burning (sure it's an obvious pun, but it we still like it) questions you had after reading our Burn Notice Comic-Con story, so we're answering them now for you...

What else is coming up for Michael's brother Nate Westen?
We already told you that they're toying with the idea of getting Nate (Seth Peterson) in the spy business. But Seth also tells us that they're giving him a wife. "I don't think they cast her yet," he says. "I'm going to try to get my own wife in there. And also he's back at the casinos, so his gambling has revved up again. I just happen to be a poker player so, for me, it's easy to play."

You said Michael Shanks' Victor  is "probably" staying dead. What's the deal with that?!
It seems Burn Notice show runner Matt Nix might be a bit torn. Here's what he told us exactly: "I love Michael Shanks. He is a friend. Honestly, my wife has this thing where she made me promise if you kill somebody he's got to be dead. We talked about if there is some flashback we can do. Maybe we can come up with something someday because we love him and we love working with him. He's an amazing actor. And it was a character that was fun in the beginning, but in the end, we all really came to care about." Our vote? Bring him back!

You also said that Jay Karnes' Brennen "might" come back as a client. Got more details?
The powers that be at Burn Notice are still figuring things out. But if more is what you want, here is what Jay Karnes told us about the fate of Brennen: "It seems to be breaking down in one of two ways. Brennen comes back as an über, über bad guy, or Brennen comes back as a client, which I think is kind of interesting. Brennen needing help from Michael Westen, I like that idea." We do too. Hear that Matt Nix?!

Where does all the spy info come from for the scripts?
The show does have a consultant who is a former intelligence operative, but Alfredo Barrios Jr. (coexecutive producer) admits, "I would say the bulk of it is just stuff that you get on the Internet. Surprising what you can find—kind of scary too." Scary indeed.

Is it a coincidence that the yogurt on Burn Notice was called Brennan's Yogurt?
No, it's not a coincidence at all. That's the writers and show runners having fun. Matt says, "It's called name-checking, so you will notice that Fiona's boyfriend's name is Campbell in the first season. And there's a bad guy named Anwar. But also directors who we worked with tend to recur on the show as bad guys." As for Brennan's yogurt (the yogurt is with an A, the character is with an E), he says, "We argued over it for at least three hours out of my day. There's a lot of that name-checking going on." (For those not fully up on the show, the references are thus: Campbell is for Bruce Campbell, who plays Sam Axe. Anwar is for lead actress Gabrielle Anwar, who plays Fiona. And Brennen is the bad guy played by Jay Karnes. Fun, huh?

We challenge you to think of more name-checks from the show, as we're sure you know many, and post them in the comments below!)


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