Women's History Month: Shop 10 Must-Know, Women-Founded Skincare Brands

Here are 20 products from female-founded skincare brands to support during Women's History Month. And every month, really.

By Sophy Ziss Mar 02, 2023 8:00 PMTags
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March is Women's History Month in the United States. It's a month-long celebration of the highs and lows of the history of women in the country, a time to honor the triumphs and successes, without shying away from how hard the fight has been for them.

The way I know how to celebrate? Sharing the stories (and products) from women creators, founders, creative officers, and more. Women are behind some of the trendiest, most sought-after, of-the-moment brands in nearly every arena today, which is why I'm going to share just a few must-haves from one of the most saturated categories on the market: Skincare.

With so many options to choose from, and a seemingly boundless array of rad women to support, how are you to choose? I'm going to make it a little easier and share 10 female-founded skincare brands that belong on every shelf.

Whether you're a pro looking your next niche fave or a novice just looking for a place to start, here are 20 skincare products from female-founded brands to support during Women's History Month. And every month, really.

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Kiramoon Silkie Rinse Cleaner

Kiramoon's PH-balanced formula "gently and effectively removes makeup, pore build-up, and excess oil without drying or disrupting the skin barrier." 

Kiramoon Flowermelon Serum

According to Kiramoon, the Flowermelon Super Hydra Serum "hydrates, smooths and visibly plumps your skin after just one use" thanks to key ingredient sodium hyaluronate. A "rockstar member of the hyaluronic acid family," sodium hyaluronate's molecule size allows it to "penetrate your skin much deeper than standard hyaluronic acid." The brand also says that it's great under makeup, since it "won't pill" when layered with other products. 

Daily Habits Bliss Face Oil

Daily Habits' Bliss Face Oil is designed to be "clarifying, healing, and protective," thanks to its unique blend of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory botanicals.

Daily Habits Blossom Body Oil

Formulated with "enriching and nourishing" ingredients like rosehip and jojoba, this body oil from Daily Habits lends a luxurious touch to the everyday.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Mask Packette

Treat yourself to this pair of soothing, cooling, serum-enriched under-eye patches. Made with hyaluronic acid and aloe leaf, Wander Beauty says they de-puff even the most tired of eyes.

Wander Beauty Drift Away Cleanser

This gentle and "transforming" gel-to-foam cleanser removes makeup and refreshes the skin in one simple step.

Calithea Skincare Olive Oil Soap With Argan

Soothing and only lightly, refreshingly fragranced, this olive oil bar soap from Calithea Skincare is especially good for those with sensitive and/or acne-prone complexions. It contains a variety of "nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants" to clean and pamper the skin.

Calithea Skincare Aloe Vera Set

This "intensely nourishing" trio hydrates from head to toe. 

Bionassay Eclat de Lait & Perle d'Eau

This fabulous duo includes one Eclat de Lait elixir, which Bionassay says "visibly improves luminosity and uniformity of the skin tone," and one Perle d'Eau, a "gentle daily exfoliant" made from a blend of "glycolic acid at 5%, honey, chicory root and chamomile." Together, they smooth and brighten tired, uneven complexions (per the brand).

Bionassay Neige Eternelle

Bionassay describes Neige Eternelle's blend of ingredients as both "purifying and comforting." The lightweight, "velvety" formula is a hybrid between a cream and a gel, making it pleasant to apply and wear. 

SACHEU Beauty Skin Barrier Boosting Kit

Sacheu Beauty's self-care set includes a trio of soothing and smoothing goodies: A Slick Skin serum, We Occlusive moisturizer, and a Gua Sha tool to bring it all home.

SACHEU Beauty Spot Eraser Blemish Drying Lotion

Hey, we all get unwelcome blemishes every once in a while. Sacheu's targeted drying lotion can be worn under concealer if you're headed out, or overnight to let the benzoyl peroxide do its thing.

Circular Bodies Hibiscus Facial Grains

What are the Hibiscus Facial Grains, exactly? Well, according to Circular Bodies, they're a scrub, mask and cleanser (all in one!) that "balances skin for a glowy feel." The grains themselves are a combination of "purple corn, arrowroot, ground hibiscus," and a just a "touch" of sweet orange.

Circular Bodies Skin Renewal Tonic

Astringent yet gentle, Circular Bodies' Skin Renewal Tonic is designed to treat a variety of concerns, including dark spots and acne.

Caley Cosmetics Tropical Melt Cleansing Balm

Caley Cosmertics' Tropical Melt is a "super-powered multi-purpose balm" that's "bursting with antioxidants and a unique combination of plant-based nutrients," according to the brand. The result of all this probiotic wonderfulness: Hydration that's as "intense" as it is "rejuvenating" for the skin.

Caley Cosmetics Beachy Kiss Probiotic Lip Oil

Expect "brilliant shine" with a dash of sparkle from this lip gloss. Oh, and probiotics that may contribute a more youthful appearance to your pout.

CLE Cosmetics Oxygen Foam Cleanser

There are foam cleansers, and then there's this cleanser from CLE Cosmetics. According to the brand, it offers both "a deep cleanse and flash mask," which oxygenate pores, and promotes collagen and elastin production.

CLE Cosmetics Dry Mask Pack

The "Dry Mask" is "composed of 100% medical grade cotton gauze," and embedded within it are three (!) types of "high-performing" collagen.

Caire Beauty Face Ritual Rose Quartz Roller + Theorem Serum Booster Set

Caire Beauty's founders developed their line specifically to address the needs of skin that's "middle aged" and beyond. Each product, like this serum and facial roller duo, ensures that older women don't have to compromise on what their skin needs in order to enjoy the products they want.

Caire Beauty Triple Lift Molecule Mask

A "spa in a jar" is how Caire Beauty describes their Triple Lift Molecule Mask. More specifically than that: It's intended to help "naturally activate" the skin to be receptive to the formula's "triple hyaluronic acid complex," which may contribute to a firmer, smoother, and younger-looking appearance. 

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