This Is How Bachelor Zach Shallcross Reminded Us of His Total Nickelback Obsession

Zach Shallcross was not shy about professing his love for Nickelback on a recent episode of The Bachelor. Now, he's described just how deep that passion burns.

By Daniel Trainor Mar 01, 2023 2:36 AMTags

Zach Shallcross wants to prove he's obsessed with Nickelback for all the right reasons.

This season's Bachelor has not shied away from his allegiance to the much-maligned rock group—after all, he and a contestant even bonded over for their mutual admiration of the band during the Jan. 30 episode—and now he's given even more context for how deep seeded his fandom is. 

"I saw Nickelback when I was in the 6th grade," Zach told Vulture in an interview published Feb. 27 about his first-ever concert. "I remember Hinder, Chevelle and Hoobastank opened for them. Hell of a lineup."

Not long ago, Zach took full advantage of meeting somebody who is in the inner circle of Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger—and he's hoping it finally leads to a fateful meeting with Chad himself.

"I recently met a manager of his at some meet-and-greet and got his business card," Zach said. "I'm trying to shake his hand and tell him how influential he was to me. Fingers crossed."

Chad Kroeger, will you accept this rose?

Why We Are Actually Loving "Boring Bachelor" Zach Shallcross

In addition to unabashedly loving their music, Zach feels a kinship to the band on a personal level.

"I get the, 'Oh, this guy. He's the boring, corny Bachelor,'" Zach joked. "But I think I'm a good guy at heart. I'm not a bad person. Nickelback—they get made fun of with all the memes, but they're good music. I don't want to be cocky about it, but I get the corny label and so do they."

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While Zach quietly hums "Photograph" to himself waiting for Chad to call, find out if his search for love is more successful when The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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