Michael B. Jordan Calls Out Interviewer Who Teased Him as a Kid

Lore'l has admitted to teasing Michael B. Jordan when they were kids. The actor recently ran into the host on the red carpet at a Creed III screening. See why he called her out.

By Elyse Dupre Feb 28, 2023 6:36 PMTags
Watch: Michael B. Jordan Calls Out Reporter on Creed III Red Carpet

Don't mess with Michael B. Jordan.

While recently walking the red carpet at an Atlanta screening of his new movie Creed III, the actor ran into Lore'l from The Morning Hustle. They both attended the Chad Science Academy in Newark, New Jersey, as kids, and Michael seemed to remember her and the name she's been accused of calling him.

"Oh yeah," he replied, "the corny kid, right?"

However, Lore'l laughed off Michael's response. "No!" she said. "I did not say that. Misquoted for sure."

Still, Michael stood his ground, telling her, "No, I heard it." And eventually, Lore'l just tried to move on. "I said we used to make fun of the name," she added before telling viewers, "But yeah, he is obviously killing things out here."

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Lore'l has previously admitted to making fun of Michael when they were schoolmates. However, it was her co-host Dominique Da Diva who called Michael "corny" during a February 2021 episode of their podcast The Undressing Room.

"I think that Michael B. Jordan is just like a nice, corny guy," Dominique said while talking about Michael's former relationship with Lori Harvey. "And I don't mean that as a slight, right? I mean, we all know that the nice, corny guys treat you the best."

Which led Lore'l to recall her experience as a classmate of Michael's.

"To be honest with you, we teased him all the damn time 'cause his name was Michael Jordan. Like, let's start there. He was no Michael Jordan," she added. "And then he also would come to school with headshots. And back then, we lived in Newark. Like, that's the hood, you know what I mean? So we would make fun of him like, 'What you gonna do with your little stupid headshots?' And now look at him."  

Still, Michael hasn't let any teasing bring him down and has talked about how it only fueled him as a kid to achieve him dreams.

"I definitely got teased a lot, but it gave me a healthy chip," the Black Panther alum told Rachel Nichols on ESPN's The Jump in April 2021. "I was playing basketball. So, it pushed me to be successful at whatever I was going to do, to be great at whatever I was going to do so people would know my name instead of thinking of the basketball player. So that was like a nice little healthy chip that I had growing up."

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