Friends Reunion Proves Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow Are Each Other's Lobsters

Courteney Cox reunited with Friends castmates Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow at her Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony on Feb. 27. Take a look.

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Watch: Courteney Cox Receives Star On Walk Of Fame With Friends By Her Side

Courteney CoxJennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are never on a break when it comes to their real-life friendship.

The Friends castmates reunited on Feb. 27 to witness Courteney, 58, receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Just like old times, the trio shared plenty of laughs as Jennifer, 54, and Lisa, 59, delievered a humorous yet heartfelt speech in celebration of their co-star's major career milestone.

"We're very honored to be here today to speak on your behalf as your co-workers, your friends, your family, your sisters," began Jennifer, before Lisa noted how Courteney has "been that way since we met almost 30 years ago" on the set of their NBC sit-com.

"No, not 30 years—that's a typo," Jennifer then quipped, prompting a chuckle from the crowd. "Anyway, to be friends with Courteney is to be family with Courteney, and she is responsible for all of that. From the beginning of when we met her, she was immediately inclusive, warm, loving [and] interested in everything about you."

After hilariously recalling how Courteney was "the only famous one" in the cast when they started on Friends in 1994, Jennifer praised the Scream actress for her humility and how she "instilled into all of us to support each other, to love one another."

Friends Cast Reunions

"Those why wise words have stayed with me," Jennifer continued. "That really sent me on my path as a young woman and be able to have creative relationships that I've cherished to this very day."

Added Lisa, "Courteney doing that really set us up to become one of the closest, most loving and supportive casts in, I'll say, the history of television."

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Along with David SchwimmerMatt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, the trio co-starred on Friends for 10 season until its end in 2004. Since then, the cast has continued to keep in touch—even reuniting in 2021 for a HBO Max special to reflect on Friends' impact on pop culture.

"Courteney, we just want to say that we're deeply, deeply proud to know you," Lisa said during the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. "You are the definition of a truly beautiful, talented—and what's most important—a truly good and decent human being."

Jennifer continued, "And as fans, we want to thank you for making us laugh. Watching you on screen and just in life in general, you're one of the funniest human beings on the planet Earth."


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But Jennifer and Lisa weren't the only stars who showed up for Courteney's star unveiling. The Homecourt founder's longtime friend Laura Dern, as well as Courteney's 18-year-old daughter Coco Arquette and boyfriend Johnny McDaid, were also on hand to honor her. As Jennifer pointed out during her speech, "This is such a beautiful day that we get to all be here together as her friends supporting her accomplishments, which is so well-deserved."

The Morning Show star added, "Thank you for enriching our lives."

Keep reading to see photos of Courteney and all her friends during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

Best Friends

Courteney Cox reunited with Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow when she received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Feb. 27, 2023.

I'll Be There For You

Jennifer and Lisa spoke onstage in honor of their former castmate.

Star Power

Courteney's star is located near 6284 Hollywood Blvd., just steps away from Jennifer's own plaque.

It's a Date

Courteney's musician boyfriend Johnny McDaid was also on hand to celebrate her career milestone.

Girl Gang

Laura Dern, who has been longtime friends with the Scream actress, delivered a moving speech.

Mother and Daughter

Courteney received a sweet hug from her 18-year-old daughter Coco, who she shares with ex David Arquette.

Just Like Old Times

The trio shared a laugh as Jennifer and Lisa gave a speech.

Family Forever

Coco celebrated her mom's achievement with a kiss on the cheek.

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