Ted Lasso Season 3 Trailer Proves a Battle Is Brewing On and Off the Soccer Field

Ted Lasso season three starring Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed and Juno Temple premieres March 15 on Apple TV+.

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Contrary to popular belief, you can sometimes get what you want.

Fans of Ted Lasso know that all too well as they were finally blessed with the season three trailer on Feb. 27. Set to the tune of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by The Rolling Stones, the video montage shows most of your favorite characters walking back into AFC Richmond.  

Co-creators and stars Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt as well as Hannah Waddingham, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Anthony Head, Cristo Fernández and Juno Temple can all be seen in the clip. Their scenes include yet another charming press conference, a family dinner, some tour bus shots, and even a bed moment between Roy and Keeley.

However, there's one person missing from the locker room: Nick Mohammed's Nate the Great.

"In the wake of Nate's contentious departure from Richmond, Roy Kent steps up as assistant coach, alongside Beard," Apple TV+ detailed. "Meanwhile, while Ted deals with pressures at work, he continues to wrestle with his own personal issues back home, Rebecca is focused on defeating Rupert and Keeley navigates being the boss of her own PR agency."

Ted Lasso's Most Heartfelt Quotes

While there's little dialogue in the video, the trailer does conclude with a touch of sentimentality as Toheeb Jimoh's Sam—donning a captain's arm band—admits during a huddle, "I love you guys so very much."

Naturally, the team then turns his moment of vulnerability into their latest chant.

See how Ted Lasso scores in its third season, premiering March 15 on Apple TV+.

But until then, read everything we know about season three, below...

What Will Ted Lasso Season 3 Be About?

In a photo released by Apple TV+ on Jan. 18, Nate and Ted (Jason Sudeikis) are pictured together inside at an elevator at the West Ham headquarters, with West Ham owner Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head) ominously looming in the distance.

In an exclusive conversation with E! News in August, Mohammed was prepared for Nate's dastardly turn.

"I knew quite early," he said. "Jason had pretty much, broadly speaking, outlines for Nate in seasons one, two and three. So I've always known where it's heading."

On Feb. 14, Apple TV+ released even more details about the season. "Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) steps up as assistant coach," the streamer teased, "alongside Beard (Brendan Hunt). Meanwhile, while Ted deals with pressures at work, he continues to wrestle with his own personal issues back home, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) is focused on defeating Rupert and Keeley (Juno Temple) navigates being the boss of her own PR agency."

Will The Whole Ted Lasso Cast Return?

While major changes have come to AFC Richmond and its rambunctious cast of characters over the course of its first two seasons, Ted Lasso editor Melissa McCoy assured fans that their favorites aren't going anywhere. 

"Everybody is back and in new ways," Melissa told The Hollywood Reporter's Behind the Screen podcast in August 2022, "but that feels very authentic to Ted."

Will There Be New Cast Members, Too?

Indeed, the third season of Ted Lasso will introduce some new characters—and they're coming for spots in the AFC Richmond lineup.

"We have new blood on the team," Melissa revealed, "and that invigorates what's happening in the locker room."

Something tells us Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) won't be thrilled.

Wait, Is This Really the Final Season?

Short answer: It's still a mystery!

In June, Brett Goldstein, who also writes on the show in addition to playing Roy, insisted that the third season would be the show's last.  "We are writing it like that," he told the UK's Sunday Times. "It was planned as three."

Meanwhile, Hannah Waddingham told E! News that same month that co-creator Sudeikis had made no indication that the plan had changed.

"I asked him recently," she said. "And he went, 'Yeah, I think so, for now.' And I was like, 'OK.'"

OK, But What About Ted Lasso Spinoffs?

If season three really is the end of the road for Ted Lasso, could the story continue in spinoff form?

Toheeb Jimoh
, who plays AFC Richmond midfielder Sam Obisanya, certainly hopes so! As it turns out, Toheeb already has an idea for Sam, who revealed plans to open a Nigerian restaurant at the end of season two.

"I keep trying to pitch this to them," Toheeb exclusively told E! News in August 2022. "People keep laughing. But I'm being serious, bro. I want a show with Sam in the restaurant on Apple TV. Let's make it happen!"

When Does Ted Lasso Season 3 Premiere?

The third season of Ted Lasso premieres March 15 on Apple TV+.

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