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Is John Travolta staying with Scientology because the church makes it hard for people to leave? Can you leave?
—CHL, Louisiana

You speak of recent breathless reports indicating that John Travolta is not—repeat, not—ditching the organization! Repeat! He! Is not! Leaving! Despite tabloid reports to the contrary! DROP EVERYTHING!

Maybe Travolta never mulled leaving Scientology at all, or maybe he did, and the group somehow pressured him to stay. If the latter is the case, he might not be alone...

Reports abound from former Scientologists evoking myriad horror stories in this area. Then again, there are also some perfectly sunny celebrities who reportedly fall under the category of "former Scientologist," and their careers range from just fine to so-so.

That list apparently includes Demi Moore, who is listed as a former Scientologist in multiple publications and reports. An actor named Jason Beghe—best known for playing Moore's love interest in her film G.I. Jane, is widely credited as being the "first celebrity" to leave the group and then discuss his departure.

Mimi Rogers is attributed with bringing Tom Cruise into the Scientology fold; she is also now considered to be a "former" member of the organization. Ditto with Jerry Seinfeld, Patrick Swayze and Cruise ex Nicole Kidman.

By all reports, Kidman is still walking upright and acting in the movies, leading one to believe that one indeed can leave Scientology. Or, at least, take some Scientology classes and then stop.

Leaving my Twitter fan base? Now that's where things get dangerous...


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