Your Guide to Mascara Cocktailing—The Lash Hack All Over TikTok

Celebrity makeup artist Jocelyn Biga broke down TikTok's mascara cocktailing trend, exclusively telling E! News, "You can use them all to get the look you've always wanted."

By Alyssa Morin Feb 19, 2023 12:00 PMTags
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You'll want to raise a glass to TikTok's buzziest beauty trend.

With makeup devotees focused on crafting more personalized techniques in recent months, they've whipped up mascara cocktailing, which allows them to achieve look-at-me-lashes.

But despite its dramatically bold name, the viral trend is pretty straightforward. Similar to how you might use various ingredients to create a bespoke cocktail, "by using different mascaras you can get a custom look," Jocelyn Biga, Estée Lauder's Director of Global Pro Artistry, exclusively told E! News. "Whether that's length, fullness, volume, separation, curl, lift or all of the above."

While the makeup technique itself is quite simple, it can be challenging to find the right product. After all, there isn't a mascara on the market that can do it all.

As the makeup artist put it, "Finding the perfect mascara is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. It's not easy!"

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But this is where Jocelyn's expertise and experience with the trend come into play. Keep reading to learn all about the perfect mascara combo to achieve fluttery, full lashes, the products the beauty guru swears by and more.

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Here's what to keep in mind before you tap into the mascara cocktailing trend:

As tempting as it is to jump right into the TikTok trend, Jocelyn has some advice to consider first so you don't lash out later. For one, she pointed out that mascaras typically have a short shelf life and "last about three months once you open it." 

In other words, maybe don't go full force buying up every mascara with various wands and formulas.

Another factor to keep in mind? "Mascara wands are not one size fits all," the makeup artist—who works with Tia MowryNicole Scherzinger and Karlie Kloss—noted. "So, before you buy one, measure the wand to your eye size to make sure it's small or big enough for your lashline to avoid any messy applications."

How do you start mascara cocktailing?

If you want maximum results with minimal effort, Jocelyn suggested going from thinner to thicker, meaning you'll want to start your mascara cocktail with a lengthening wand first and then layer it with a volumizing one.

"This helps to avoid clumping," she explained of the method. "Apply the first mascara on both eyes, then continue with the second mascara to give the first formula a few seconds to dry."

Plus, she added, the volumizing mascara will have something to grab onto if it clings to the lengthening formula versus your lash hairs.

What mascaras work best for this trend?

While we've established that lengthening and volumizing wands offer the best of both worlds, Jocelyn—who said she's been mascara cocktailing for years—revealed the exact products she uses to draw attention to her eyes.

"What works best for me is to start with the Estée Lauder Sumptuous Rebel, which has a small wand to get close to the root of the lashes and help define them," Jocelyn shared. "Then, I use Estée Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme which has a wider, thicker wand for that bold, fluffy lash look."

What are the pros and cons of mascara cocktailing?

With any beauty fad, there's a possibility that it will have perks and downsides. But luckily, mascara cocktailing doesn't come with too much baggage.

As Jocelyn explained, a benefit to trying the trend out is that you can "mix your favorite mascaras to achieve a look you've always desired."

The con? Well, let's just say you could rack up quite a tab.

"You'll have to purchase multiple mascaras to try it," the makeup artist said. "But there are plenty of brands that offer sample sizes, which is a great way to try different mascaras out!"

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All in all, mascara cocktailing is worth giving a shot.

"For so many years, we felt we had to marry one mascara to achieve one specific look," Jocelyn shared. "We were always torn on which one to purchase. Now, you can use them all to get the look you've always wanted."