Love Is Blind's Raven Ross Shares Advice for Anyone Going Through a Difficult Breakup

Love Is Blind season three star Raven Ross tells E! News how she's handling her split with SK Alagbada as seen on After the Altar on Netflix.

By JD Knapp Feb 14, 2023 5:36 PMTags

For Raven Ross, love is both blind and a gut feeling.

The Netflix star has been on a roller coaster of emotions ever since she joined season three of Love Is Blind—but especially once the world got to see how her relationship with SK Alagbada fell apart due to his cheating in After the Altar.

"We did communicate after, but that wasn't serving me," Raven confirmed exclusively to E! News. "So since then, we've drawn some boundaries and we haven't communicated in a while."

The Pilates instructor initially said yes to not one, but two proposals from SK on the show. However, the latest batch of episodes, out Feb. 10, confirmed his infidelity. Now just in time for Valentine's Day, Raven has advice for anyone who might be going through a bad breakup of their own.

"For people who are going through a similar situation, my biggest takeaway was: never ignore your gut feelings and speak up," she explained. "I was someone who never wanted to have hard conversations, and that hasn't served me. So, it's hard to do it in the moment but you will have so many more answers. Just speak from your heart, let your guard down and don't ignore when you have a bad feeling."

Love Is Blind Season 3: Status Check on Couples

While she didn't find her soulmate on the Netflix series, the 27-year-old did form close, personal bonds with some of her other castmates—the female half of the cast, in particular.

"All of the girls from Love Is Blind have been supporting me so much," Raven shared. "Zanab [Jaffrey] was there for me when all of this was happening. Nancy [Rodriguez] and I have spent so much time together. Alexa [Lemieux] and Colleen [Reed] and I are so close. They've all really been there for me and like they really are some of my best friends."

Despite her rocky romance with SK, Raven wasn't completely turned off by the principles that were established in Love Is Blind, although she called their face-to-face reveal one of the "weirdest" and "most nerve-wracking" moments of her life.

"I think everyone should be dating like we did in the pods," she said. "I think it's the best—asking hard, awkward questions. There's no outside distractions. Literally you're talking to one person for four hours. You don't do that on a date."


She continued, "I was learning things about people and I realized, 'Oh my god, I've dated so many guys and did not know half of this.'"

The streaming service has already renewed the show—which is hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey —for seasons four and five, so hopefully those new contestants can vicariously learn from her advice and experience.

But until then, you can see Raven's entire love story (and subsequent heartbreak) on Love Is Blind on Netflix.

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