Let's Get Loud for These Outtakes From Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Dunkin Commercial

In the outtakes from his Dunkin' Donuts Super Bowl ad—featuring a cameo from wife Jennifer Lopez—Ben Affleck had some jokes up his sleeve for the customers. See the brew-ti-ful clip below.

By Alexandra Bellusci Feb 13, 2023 9:04 PMTags
Watch: Watch Hilarious Outtakes From Bennifer's Dunkin' Donuts Ad

Ben Affleck's outtakes prove he is the perfect blend.

The Oscar winner's 2023 Super Bowl Ad showed his undying love for Dunkin Donuts, with Ben serving unsuspecting customers at the drive-thru—one being his wife, Jennifer Lopez. But we love the behind-the-scenes footage that didn't make the cut, a latte.

The minute-long clip shows Ben struggling to work the drive thru window while joking with the surprised costumers, with one pulling up and exclaiming, "I know you—Ben Affleck!," before fist pumping the Deep Waters actor. Another shot shows a woman pulling up to the window saying, "Get the hell out of here!" to which Ben mimics the phrase—echoing the thick Boston accent.

It only made sense that Ben brought out his native accent as the ad was shot in Medford, Mass., right outside of his hometown of Boston.

And while he played to his strengths, the actor wasn't afraid to note is weaknesses.

"I'm struggling," the 50-year-old shared before fumbling with the contents of an order as they spilled out the window, later admitting that operating the register "wasn't as easy as it looks."

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But he also brought some jokes as when one patron went to order a black coffee, the Gone Girl star quipped, "We are out of coffee. No coffee and no donuts." But luckily he added that the establishment did have some water.

"I'm not your usual Dunkin technician," the last blooper caught Ben explaining. "Usually they are much smarter than this!"

Fans got to see the final cut of the commercial—which the Jennifer and Ben were spotted filming in January—Feb. 12 during Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ben sported a Dunkin' T-shirt, hat and headset while working the drive-thru line. And although the actor was still struggling—this time to find the bagel button—he interacted with the customers, some of who knew of him and some who just wanted to complete their coffee run.

As for Ben's favorite customer? J.Lo herself.

The "Love Don't Cost a Thing" singer pulled up to the window and asked her husband, "What are you doing here? Is this what you do when you say you're going to work all day?" 

Ben turns to his co-workers to tell them, "I gotta go guys," but not before Jen chimes in, "Grab me a glazed."

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