Morning Piss: Rihanna, Watch Out!

Is Chris Brown desperately trying to keep tabs on his ex?

By Ted Casablanca Jul 29, 2009 11:37 AMTags
Chris Brown,

Superschmuck Chris Brown clearly can't get his mind off ex Rihanna. Last weekend he visited her fave tattoo joint, Bang Bang, and got inked by the very same dude who does Ri-Ri's tats. 

This comes right after Brown conveniently booked into the same NYC hotel at the same time as Rihanna. Coincidence?


No one in the world is that gullible, so their reps shouldn't even bother calling it such. Even if Ri-Ri knew beforehand he was staying there—even if she wanted him there—the people around both Ri and C.B. (and there are always people) should've nixed that plan immediately.

There are literally thousands of hotels and tattoo parlors in New York City, so why else would C.B. pick Rihanna's to snoop around in? Is Brown trying to aggressively mark his territory? As he so aggressively did last February?

It's like a big ef-you-I'll-go-where-I-please move that shows he can't be bossed around. Or is he just following (more like stalking) Rihanna as closely as his restraining order will allow? It's friggin' creepy, and Ri needs to seriously watch her back.

Oh, and now that Brown's a total embarrassment to the music biz, and Michael Jackson's gone for good, at least Whitney Houston has a realistic chance of saving the pop scene with her promising new album, I Look To You. Thank heavens for small musical miracles.