Jason Kelce's Pregnant Wife Has a Game Plan Just in Case She Gives Birth During Super Bowl 2023

Before Super Bowl 2023 kicks off Feb. 12, Donna Kelce gave E! News an exclusive sneak peek into how Jason Kelce and his pregnant wife Kylie are preparing just in case their baby comes on game day.

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Watch: Donna Kelce Reveals How Jason's Pregnant Wife Is Prepping for Baby

Delivering a baby and a Super Bowl win on game day?

It may just be in the playbook for Jason Kelce after his wife Kylie Kelce reached the 38-week mark in her pregnancy journey this week. But as the Philadelphia Eagles center prepares for the biggest football game of the year on Feb. 12, his family is stepping up just in case the baby arrives on game day. 

"Kylie's on top of that," Jason's mom Donna Kelce exclusively told E! News on Feb. 8. "She talked about this when she realized it was going to happen around February. She's really due at the end of the month and she made sure she took all the precautions."

Donna says Kylie checked with the doctor to make sure it was safe to travel to State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., to watch her husband face off against his brother Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Once the doctor gave permission—and offered to come too—Donna said Kylie felt much more comfortable.

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"There will be a physician available and I think that it's gonna go smoothly, I really do," Donna said. "She's got her parents there to help her. I think all the precautions have been taken. There's different things that will fall into place…but I really don't think it's going to happen."


If timing works out, Kylie and her crew will be able to enjoy the game in peace. Well, as peaceful as you can when family is on the field competing for the Lombardi trophy.

"I definitely am a screamer," Donna said with a laugh. "I will scream when they get touchdowns. I'm very happy when things go our way. But basically, I can watch it as a fan. I really love sports. I've been watching them for over 30 years play sports." 

Donna can also spread some kindness as her sons prepare to make history by becoming the first brothers to play against each other in the Super Bowl.

She recently teamed up with KIND Snacks to tape a pre-game speech to her sons. And no matter who wins in the end, Donna hopes her boys can be proud of all of their accomplishments.

"After the game is over, it's important to be very thoughtful and be kind to individuals because they've lost or won or what have you and they may have to deal with some tough feelings," she said. "It's important to just be there for the humanity of it and just be very, very kind as much as you can. It really does help."

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