Why Love Is Blind's Nancy Rodriguez Rejected Ex Bartise Bowden’s Offer of Friendship

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Love Is Blind's Nancy Rodriguez explained why she turned down a potential friendship with former fiancé Bartise Bowden on After the Altar.

By Daniel Trainor Feb 10, 2023 8:00 PMTags
Watch: Love Is Blind's Nancy Rodriguez Spills on Bartise & After the Altar

Nancy Rodriguez is moving on in a major way.

The season three Love is Blind star was reunited with her former fiancé Bartise Bowden on After the Altar, the three episode catch-up series that dropped on Netflix Feb. 10, where the two sat down and had a brutally honest conversation about the future of their relationship.

While it was revealed that Nancy had kept in touch with Bartise after he rejected her at the altar at the end of their season, she ultimately told her ex face-to-face that she was officially done with him—in love and friendship.

So, what made Nancy change her mind? "I can confirm I know what I want in my life, whether it's certain friendships or certain relationships," she exclusively told E! News about her decision. "I know that [Bartise didn't] align with that. So, your ticket expired. Goodbye."

While Nancy's conversation with Bartise definitively ended their chapter, the bonds she has formed with her female cast members—Alexa Alfia, Zanab Jaffrey, Raven Ross and Colleen Reed—remain as strong as ever. 

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"I adore all of the women and I know that there's something we did that will be like a forever tattoo," Nancy said. "There's something very powerful about going through something that extreme."

Thanks in large part to those friendships, Nancy has managed to come out on the other side full of confidence—and she's also ready to date again.

"As strongly as I have become now as a person, that literally gives me fuel and fire to find my next best self," she said. "And then to be able to offer that to the partner that I'm hopefully going to meet."

As for how Nancy is now finding Mr. Right? She's on the apps, baby!

In fact, she has partnered with CHISPA, the #1 dating app for Latin men and women in the Uhited States, though she's still hesitant to share her Love is Blind journey with her potential matches. As she explained, "Part of me wants to know that you haven't watched it because then it's like you get to know me for me, not me on TV."

Ser Baffo/Netflix

However, one thing is for sure, Nancy will move forward using her history with Bartise as evidence of what not to do.

"I have been through the trenches," she noted. "I was engaged. I got left at the altar. There are things that are just not going to cross my path anymore because I'm so much stronger of a woman now after what happened. If I find somebody on the dating app and they can't handle that fire, then step to the side so I can swipe right on someone else."

Love Is Blind: After the Altar is available to stream now on Netflix.

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