'Course, Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle are officially O-V-E-R. Can't say we're all that surprised, and not just because young H'wood love is as short-lived as a Paris Hilton engagement, but because we knew all along that Camilla was one crafty, hot little babe.

She gets photographed out with Robert Pattinson one day—a guy who will obviously get her a crap-ton of press—and then she's seen flirting it up with tennis star Fernando Verdasco the moment he's hot, too.

All the while stringing along the delicate Jonas Brother.

So who will rebound faster: Joe (who is richer, more famous and just the absolute cutest) or Camilla (who looks like a Megan Fox in training)?

Well Dr. Casablanca, Ph.D. in raunchy rebound love, says...

Camilla. Hands down! Take the video above of Joe crying over his ex at his most recent concert. Those are actual tears people. He's not trying to lure chicks to bed with his sensitivity.

Meanwhile, C.B. has already been spotted out on a date with another guy. But it's OK, Joe Bro, we think you'll find yourself a nice, innocent girl soon. You should go for the likes of Dakota Fanning or something. Make it a real Twilight-style love mess.

We def think now that the split is confirmed, Camilla is going to be all over R.Pattz again. Even though we know nothing's between them, something about Ms. Belle being single is unsettling.

Who do you all think will come out of the breakup on top: Joe or Camilla?

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