Here’s What Kelis Thinks About Her Hit Song “Milkshake” Nearly 20 Years After Its Debut

For her 2023 Uber One Super Bowl Campaign, Kelis, alongside Diddy and a slew of other notable artists, teamed up to playfully recreate her song, "Milkshake." See what she said about the hit now.

By Kisha Forde Feb 12, 2023 1:00 AMTags
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She had the hit that brought all the fans to the yard, but now Kelis is bringing a new recipe to the table.

Nearly 20 years after her song, "Milkshake" had us constantly wondering what made hers better than ours, the singer is now teaching Diddy—without the charge.

For the 2023 Super Bowl, the pair teamed up with Uber One for a deliciously good campaign. In their commercial—set to make its TV debut during the big game on Sunday, Feb. 12—Kelis steps back into the studio to help the producer come up with a special "hit" for Uber executives: Cue a spin on her infamous song.

"Obviously, I use Uber Eats all the time," she tells E! News in an exclusive interview. "So, it wasn't a hard sell. This is fun, I get it, it's cute." As the professionally trained chef noted, their ad is "very tongue-in-cheek."

And as for what she thinks about her record, which dropped in August 2003, almost two decades later?

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"I don't ever take myself too seriously, I just think it's fun," she says. "It's fun that after 20 years, it is still relevant and it is still recognizable and it's still something that I think takes a place in this generation, but I think it's lived its life."

And since it did go on to have such a life of its own, Kelis shared that putting a small spin on the single was the perfect flavor.

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"It's fun to be able to play around with it and poke at it a little bit," she added. "Because it's funny. And I feel like especially now that I'm a chef and farmer, it gets a new phase."

As for the musician herself, she's in a new phase as well—one that involves working from the ground up, quite literally.

In fact, Kelis—who is mom to kids Knight, 13, Shepherd, 7 and Galilee, 2—lives on a remote farm in California and has long held a passion for the culinary arts. So much so, that for the self-proclaimed farmer, it still continues to be one of the main ingredients within her life.

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"It's something I love to do," she said of cooking. "It's a huge part of my life. I live on a farm and so, eating good food is really important to me and being able to be creative in the midst of that, is always my happy place, so it's definitely part of my lifestyle."

Watch the full spot here—but don't miss it when it also hits TV screens on Sunday, Feb. 12 during the Super Bowl.

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