Why Pink Says She's the "Perfect Person" to Have Faced Scrutiny in the Early Aughts

Pink recently reflected on the intense scrutiny she faced early in her career, explaining why it didn’t faze her. Here’s what the “So What” singer shared.

By Corinne Heller Feb 08, 2023 6:48 PMTags
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As Pink was getting the party started, many people tried to crash it.

The "What About Us" singer recently recalled being heavily scrutinized, particularly by men, as her career was taking off during the early aughts.

"I was the perfect person to take all of that flak," the 43-year-old told Women's Health in a cover interview published Feb. 8. "I have very thick skin. I do what I want. I can handle criticism; it doesn't move my needle. It hurts my feelings, I guess—or it used to. But it doesn't change my actions."

In the early '00s, the singer and other celebrities such Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan were often the subject of sexist tabloid coverage. In recent years, Pink has continued to sustain insults on social media over her looks, as well as over her political statements, and has often clapped back against her critics

The three-time Grammy winner, now in the third decade of her career, is currently preparing for the Feb. 17 release of her ninth studio album, Trustfall.

Pink's Sweetest Family Moments

Pink worked on the record through the pandemic. "COVID slowed down life in a 'what matters' kind of way for me," she explained. "Now all I want is to put things in the world that are meaningful and see my kids grow up."

Gary Miller/Getty Images

But in terms of her career, Pink, who shares daughter Willow, 11, and son Jameson, 6, with husband Carey Hart, doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

"I feel like when the going gets tough, that's when you dig deeper and double down," she said. "And I'm constantly saying, 'What will I do with this one precious life?' I'm going to do too much. I'm gonna slide in sideways until the end, going, 'HOLY S--T, DID YOU SEE THAT!?'"

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