Below Deck's Alissa Humber Sets the Record Straight on the Ross-Katie Love Triangle

Below Deck Stew Alissa Humber addressed flirting with Bosun Ross McHarg amid his ongoing romance with Deckhand Katie Glaser. Find out why she's calling the love triangle drama "silly."

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Alissa Humber is a happily single stew.

The Below Deck star is shutting down love triangle talk after she flirted with Bosun Ross McHarg amid his ongoing romance with Deckhand Katie Glaser on season 10 of the hit Bravo series.

"I wouldn't call it a love triangle," Alissa exclusively told E! News. "When I was at work, I was all about my work. I definitely wasn't trying to flirt with anyone or sneak off into a corner to make out or anything."

On the Jan. 30 episode, Ross drunkenly hit on Alissa in front of Katie during a group dinner, causing Katie to become enraged.

As for why she recirprocated Ross' flirting, Alissa explained, "On the nights out, we had an understanding that neither of us wanted anything complicated or wanted to put somebody under freaking house arrest or anything. I think Ross definitely is into open relationships, polygamist relationships, and as somebody else who is into that it's like, 'OK, I don't mind if you flirt with other people.'"

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Regardless, Alissa is skeptical of her colleagues' boatmance.

"The whole Katie and Ross thing is so silly to me," she said. "I asked Ross right to his face are you single? Are you and Katie a thing? And he told me 'no' and I went to Katie and I told her. I flirt with Ross and he flirts with me all the time and I actually had a couple different conversations with Katie where I spoke to her openly."

Even though Alissa claims Katie never told her how serious her feelings for Ross were, she doesn't understand why her crew mate would get so upset.

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"I think it's kind of childish for somebody to know someone for three weeks and want to put handcuffs on them," the Bravo star continued, "especially if they didn't have that one-on-one conversation with the person."

And Below Deck fans shouldn't expect any more season 10 flirting between Alissa and Ross on future episodes.

"We're good," she said with a laugh. "It just seems like too much trouble. Me and Ross flirting was purely out of convenience and blowing off steam. I wish that Katie just would have womaned up and told me, 'Hey, I do you have feelings for him. It would be nice if you didn't flirt.'"

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