Tyler Cameron Addresses His Relationship Status After Spending Time With "Amazing" Kristin Cavallari

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron shared insight into his friendship with Kristin Cavallari and where he stands in the dating department.

By Mike Vulpo, Charles O'Keefe Feb 06, 2023 9:06 PMTags
Watch: Kristin Cavallari ADDRESSES Tyler Cameron Dating Rumors

Receiving a rose from Tyler Cameron this Valentine's Day may be easier said than done.

As the most romantic holiday of the year approaches, fans are curious to find out if The Bachelorette star is single and ready to mingle. His candid answer may surprise you.

"You know, I'm around," he exclusively told E! News while in Times Square for Minted Weddings. "I don't know if I'm necessarily dating, but I am seeing. Seeing is believing I guess."

Followers have certainly spotted Tyler spending time with Kristin Cavallari. Long before sharing a steamy kiss for an Uncommon James campaign photo shoot, Tyler and the Laguna Beach star met as strangers on E! News' Daily Pop back in February 2022.

"That was very funny because the day before I met her, I got the job to do the campaign for Uncommon James," Tyler explained to E! News. "We started having fun. We already were a little familiar and we had a ball."

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He admittedly also got to know Kristin better with a little help from Daily Pop co-host Loni Love

"She's the best one to break the ice with," Tyler added. "She was definitely trying to play wingman right there."

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Since that special episode taped in February 2022, Tyler said he has stayed in touch with Kristin and has bonded with her over their shared experiences on reality TV.

"She's so smart and so savvy in this industry," he said. "Just to listen to her speak and talk about building a brand and surviving in this world and also protecting your mental space, she's amazing." 

But as Tyler's search for his forever partner continues, the 30-year-old is partnering with Minted Weddings. When the time is right to plan his dream ceremony, Tyler knows exactly who to work with.

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"When I finally have one…I [will] go to Minted weddings and get all my invites sent out to them and save the dates," Tyler said. "But right now, I'll recommend my friends for weddings."

Just call it the rose and thorn of trying to find love after appearing on reality TV.

"It's definitely harder because I think any person I've seen next to, whether I'm actually into them or dating or they're just a friend, is immediately subjected to, ‘Oh Tyler was dating that person,'" Tyler said. "My dad was making fun of me the other day. He's like, ‘I saw an article pop up and it was like all of your girlfriends that you've had in the past. Half of them weren't even your actual girlfriend.'"

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