Would Grant Gustin Ever Want to Do a Glee Reboot? He Says...

Ahead of the final season premiere of The Flash, Grant Gustin told E! News all about his first TV job as Sebastian on Glee opposite Darren Criss.

By JD Knapp Feb 11, 2023 2:00 PMTags
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It sounds like it's time to get the band back together—or rather, the a cappella group.

Grant Gustin is currently in the process of saying goodbye to The Flash after nine years, but he's ready to say hello again to the show that started it all for him: Glee.

"That was some of the most fun I've ever had," he exclusively told E! News, noting that he'd be open to a reboot of the Ryan Murphy show. "So, I would obviously, I would love it."

As the villainous Sebastian Smythe in seasons three through five on the Fox series—which ended after six seasons in 2015—Gustin never stopped believing while starring alongside Darren Criss, Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera.

"My first TV job was Glee and I remember Darren Criss talking about where it's going," he recalled. "He's like, 'it's a 20-episode season and they could decide in the ninth episode that you become a werewolf. And now I'm a werewolf.' You never know."

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So what did you miss on Glee? Gustin's performances of "Live While We're Young," "Stand," "Glad You Came" and "Smooth Criminal."

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"I was very much a visitor on Glee and I was just happy to be there in any capacity and very nervous every hour that I spent there just because it was overwhelming to look around and see the talent and just be on TV," he admitted. "So, if they did want me and even remembered that I was on the show and thought to invite me, I would be honored."

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