Helena Bonham Carter Doesn't Think The Crown Should Continue Into Present Day

Helena Bonham Carter, who portrayed Princess Margaret in seasons three and four of Netflix's historical drama, discussed the The Crown's current plotline before it returns for season six.

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Tired is the head that wore the crown.

While it's been over two years since Helena Bonham Carter was last seen as Princess Margaret in The Crown, she's still entitled to her opinions on the Netflix period piece. The actress recently discussed creator Peter Morgan's drama coming to an end, admitting she "should be careful" about how she answered questions regarding its season six timeline.

"I don't think they should carry on, actually," she revealed to The Guardian on Jan. 29. "I'm in it and I loved my episodes, but it's very different now. When The Crown started, it was a historic drama and now it's crashed into the present. But that's up to them."

While The Crown was previously confirmed to be ending after five seasons, Netflix infamously reversed its decision in 2020 and ordered a sixth and final season, as was originally planned. Season five only just recently debuted in November 2022.

The Crown: Royal Family Reactions

The Nolly actress also explained how she got into character as the Countess of Snowdon for her two-season arc on The Crown (She portrayed Princess Margaret during seasons three and four in 2019 and 2020, while Vanessa Kirby handled seasons one and two in 2016 and 2017 and, more recently, Lesley Manville starred in the role in season five).


"The real Margaret didn't mind about being No. 2, but she did mind being really short," Bonham Carter claimed. "She was just 5-ft., so there was something in her posture to maximize every little millimeter: she had her car seat elevated so she could be seen. And a lot of it was the need not to be overlooked, probably prompted by her great-grandmother saying something about the fact that she was tiny. And that scarred her. It's funny what we carry—a complex that can govern all our behavior."

After its series premiere began depicting Queen Elizabeth II's life in 1947, the fifth season got as far as 1997. At this point, only Morgan himself truly knows where season six might head.

All five seasons of The Crown are currently available to stream in all their glory on Netflix. Check out everything we know about season six, below:

The Season Six Queen

Imelda Staunton will continue on with her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II for season six of The Crown. Claire Foy and Olivia Colman also played the British monarch for two seasons each.

Jonathan Pryce and Dominic West are also returning to their respective roles of Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

The Final Season

Season six, which is currently in production, will be The Crown's last season. Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Princess Diana in the fifth and upcoming sixth season of the period drama, confirmed this to be true, telling E! News, "It really is. It's the final season."

Princess Diana's Car Crash

Season six is set to follow the monarchy between the end of the '90s and into the '00s. This means Princess Diana's tragic car crash, which resulted in her death in August 1997, will also be covered. However, Netflix shared in a statement released to The Sun that "the exact moment of the crash impact will not be shown."

Meet Prince William and Kate Middleton

In Sept. 2022, Netflix revealed that two actors will portray a young William in season six: Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey. And Meg Ballamy will play Kate.

Another Royal Death

As the final season is expected to cover the royal family's lives in the early '00s, the death of Princess Margaret (played by Lesley Manville) may be featured. The queen's sister passed away in February 2002 after suffering a stroke and cardiac issues.

The Season Six Premiere Date

Since season six is currently in production, the final season won't hit Netflix until at least 2023.

No Harry and Meghan

In an August 2020 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Crown creator Peter Morgan confirmed that the series will not depict the modern-day lives of royals. In short, the saga of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exiting the Firm as senior royals will not be a storyline.

"Meghan and Harry are in the middle of their journey," he said, "and I don't know what their journey is or how it will end. One wishes some happiness, but I'm much more comfortable writing about things that happened at least 20 years ago."

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